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Remantler Reference

  • Remantler Information

    Added Publish 422 - October 2016

    The Weapon Remantler is a deployable that can be used to upgrade and recycle weapons in exchange for scrap. Scrap can also be used to assemble trinklets at a remantler.

    Scrap can be collected from:

    • Resupply box (3 scrap per collection)
    • Disassembling weapons
    • Disassembling trinklets and some crafting components (trinklets yield half their scrap value, tier one trinklets cannot be diassembled)
    • Disassembling small electronics (computer mouse, orange lamp, telephone receiver, etc.)

    Dismantling items can be done in your inventory or at a remantler. Using a remantler will show how much scrap and any components that will be received from dismantling the item.

    Owning a Remantler :cherries:

    The remantler generates scrap when other players use it to upgrade a weapon. Owners of a remantler get about 8% of the scrap cost used to upgrade a weapon. Scrap is not generated when players disassemble items at your remantler.

    Costs 50 worth in the worth menu, 40 points in the points shop.

    Weapon Qualities :high_brightness:


    Higher quality weapons are available in the following tiers:

    • Sturdy: +9% damage
    • Honed: +19% damage
    • Perfected: +35% damage

    All weapons have have a secondary remantle bonus that appear at Honed and Perfected. These vary across weapon to weapon. Some weapons have slightly more unique bonuses than others.


    New weapons or craftables may have missing information.

    August 13, 2017 update

    • Price of upgrading melee reduced in terms of scrap. Reduced to match the prices of them in the arsenal.
    • Upgrading higher tier weapons now takes upto about 20% less scrap for the highest tier weapons.
    • The penalty for dismantling melee weapons has been reduced from 50% to 25%.

    2017-2018 updates

    • A number of weapons now have secondary remantle bonuses.

    January 22, 2018 update

    • Weapon variants can be created using Remantler branches. Some weapons only.

    April 2018 update

    • Remantler commission reduced 12% -> 8%
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