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Riku Cheating on Noxious

  • so this guy played on FWKZT and was a tiny bit of a troll, and ended up getting caught for cheating via aimbot and permanently banned from fwkzt.

    Im playing Nox, and see Riku. first thing that pops into my head is “try to get him to show that hes cheating” and i did exactly that by picking wraith.

    video link :

    Read everything below this, as it describes what he is doing that makes me infer that he is still cheating.

    Riku’s Profile : Steamid : STEAM_0:1:49288995 Has Alyx as their playermodel, and uses the tosser.

    0:00 there was no way he couldve known i was there, i only shifted, and he wasnt looking when i moved.

    0:28 hes shooting at another zed, and instantly shoots at me after he kills the other zed. Sadly, the tosser is innacurate at long range and he missed his shot, other wise, it wouldve been even more blatant. he was the last guy to shoot btw

    0:42 im not even moving, the door opens, and hes instantly spraying at me as if he knows im there without a doubt. he missed the fast zombie and hit you! from where he was placed, his spray wouldve/shouldve been nowhere near me, his angle to look at the zombie wouldve been alot closer, and not near me. he hit 2 or 3 bullets before hitting the fast zombie, if he was actually aiming at the fasty, theres almost a 0% chance 2 or 3 shots coming to the same edge of his crosshair at me.

    1:10 he knows im there, and other zombies arent, so he comes out to try to get me to move or be noticed so he can kill me without being blatant, he walks up right next to me to try to get me to attack him, then shoots near me.
    Now hes Alyx with an Akbar

    1:47 again, i didnt move when i was able to be seen, while im standing still and the door opens he randomly fires 5-6 shots at me, and doesnt finish me off ill let you live lol, “lol y u so close”

    Since im invisible as a wraith, he thinks hes slick, or making himself seem more legit by only damaging me and not fully killing me, as if its a way to say “oh, i was just shooting and happened to hit you, now i can fully kill you.”

    Again, he has already been Perma Banned on fwkzt for cheating with aim assistance, and now has this convincing evidence of him cheating on nox.

    im going to sleep now, ill check this when i wake up and reply if needed.

  • go to bed switch you’re drunk

    In actuality though, even tho the vid isn’t the best I can confirm this guy was banned for aimbot on FWKZT, and it really does look like he’s at least attempting to use it here.

  • Looks very sketchy on his movement, but some of the times you’ve died you were just in crossfire.

    From him being banned for aimbot and the sketchy movement / shooting, It looks like he actually might be cheating.

  • the second clip literally confirms the fact that hes cheating too, hes shooting at another zed and once he kills the other one, he instantly flicks towards me and is shooting. but like i said, sadly the tosser is innacurate so he missed his shot.

    1 time was a death from crossfire, and i already explained how if he was actually shooting at that target and not me, then i wouldntve been in his crosshair spread.

  • so, whats the result on this topic?

  • I can confirm that he was banned on suspicion of aimtracking/aimbotting on FWKZT as I’ve witnessed them tracking my movements as a zombie almost immediately as a zombie and they had disconnected. In addition, they were clearly in a spawn zone and AFK/Idling, had a gun, and just tracked my movements as a zombie but did not fire. They did this the moment I was in the area and did literally nothing that entire round (including playing as zombie).

  • on FWKZT

    Well nobody really cares about your retard irrelevant ZS community that’s probably mostly composed of furries now a days or some other variation of that.

    I couldn’t get conclusive evidence from the video since it might have been crossfire and/or players testing the air, but eyes are open.

  • wasnt really to point out the community, was more as pointing out that he was banned, and atleast youre watching him now so ty.

    and like i said, 2nd clip at 0:28 is enough evidence to ban him.

  • he is now ban

  • nice

    “Sat Jun 17 05:23:36 2017 <STEAM_0:1:49288995> Riku: thanks so much”

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