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Muted for being jukebox.

  • Hello hello

    Zombie Survival server
    My name is Mazah
    SteamID: STEAM_0:1:32438466

    Yesterday i was muted by Raox for playing short “drawning” sounds via microphone 2 times when performed underwater death (yeah wtf Maza). As they wasnt long i thought its not criminal. I understood my mistake and asking for lifting or cutting MuteBan, and therefore will not play stupid things.

    I know its just for 7 days, but i will probably play on the holidays during night and need to communicate with team, as fast as posible.

    ~ur favorite russki

  • That was a premade punishment so you’ve had it before, so clearly you’re not learning from previous experience.

  • To explain Raox’s comment a bit better, our punishment system includes pre-defined punishments which actually save how many times you were punished using that punishment type before, and they scale with each time you’re punished using that particular reason, though they eventually become permanent punishments if you keep up the abuse.

    You were “jukebox” muted a couple times before, so the jukebox mute scaled up to 7 days instead of just being a single day or so.

    If you’re getting punishments that last long enough for you to make forum posts like this, and they come from pre-defined punishments which can be applied in a snap, then clearly you aren’t learning the lesson these temporary punishments are supposed to be giving you.

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