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Publish 427

  • Additions

    • Added new Zombie variant: Gore Blaster Zombie - has slightly less health and damage than a regular zombie but applies bleed on attack and deals minor damage around itself on death.
    • Added new Fast Zombie variant: Slingshot Zombie - pounce ability launches you much further than a regular Fast Zombie, deals 15 damage to humans, inflicts an 8 seconds slow and maximum leg damage. Once the pounce takes off it will turn into its torso variant, adjusting max health, reducing the claw dps and losing the ability to pounce or climb.
    • Added new Lacerator variant: Charging Lacerator - has the ability to charge long distances on the ground rather than pounce into the air. The charge will apply force, damage anything and knock down humans hit. Charging has a small acceleration time which scales the force applied, knock down duration and damage so ramming things at point blank is a bad idea.
    • Added functionality for explosions and explosive weapons to have a damage tapering scalar based on the number of zombies hit. To start with, added this functionality to the Broadside to a minor degree. The base damage has been increased from 101 -> 110 but it loses 4% damage per zombie hit (multiplicatively).
    • Added an experimental anti player stuck phase checker. This works by checking if you’re not on the ground and haven’t really moved in the last 3 seconds. If so, you’ll be allowed to phase. This fixes cades which sometimes got players stuck in a constant state of “free-fall” on a prop. Also fixes sometimes getting “nailed into a prop”, where a prop might unghost early on players.
    • Added 7 new crafting recipe
    • Added a a kill icon for the Tempest

    Balance Changes

    • Stockpiling resupply box delay increased from +100% to +120%.
    • Increased Seditionist reload speed by 10%.
    • Fracture damage reduced from 11.5 to 10.35 per pellet.
    • Boss selection from barricade damage reduced form 20% to 5%.
    • Manhack
      • Reduced health from 160 to 150.
      • Reduced saw variant health from 220 to 170.
      • Hitbox size increased by about 9%.
    • Slinger
      • Increased reload speed by 3%.
      • Reduced secondary bonus from 5% to 3%.
    • Barrage and Hyena now have an arsenal stock of 3.
    • Hyena damage now ramps up from half to full over 3 seconds when created. A visual indicator will appear when they reach full damage.
    • Reduced fire delay on the Eraser from 0.2 to 0.15 seconds.
    • Slightly increased accuracy on the Tempest
    • Carrion
      • Reduced impact mine damage from 33 to 26.67. This brings it back to the old damage per resupply of 240.
      • Impact mine damage will falloff linearly from full damage to 1 starting from half its detection range.
    • Increased Recent Dead health from 115 to 130.
    • Reduced Agile Dead attack delay from 1.5 to 1.2 seconds.
    • Increased Strength Shot bonus from 15% to 20%.
    • Proxy Mines arsenal price reduced from 40 to 35.
    • Increased Blood Sucker Headcrab speed from 190 to 210.
    • Feather Fall Frame
      • Fall damage reduction increased from -25% to -35%.
      • Now has a -75% reduced slow down from landing or taking fall damage.
    • Petrified Wraith
      • Increased health from 110 to 130.
      • Reduced damage reduction while in stone form.
      • Reduced health regen while in stone form from 10 to 6.
      • Increased slowdown after attacking out of stone form by 0.25 seconds.
      • Increased speed boost duration when attacking out of stone form by 1 second.
      • Increased speed boost when attacking out of stone form from 185 to 210 movement speed.

    Other Changes

    • Devourer hook now pulls manhacks towards it.
    • Artemis and Spinfusor now work properly with Soft Detonation.
    • Explosion effects no longer cause ear ringing or ignite props.
    • Classes with bleeds or poison on attack now scale based on how many humans hit. Meaning more humans hit will reduce damage applied to each just like normal damage is reduced.
    • Shade no longer takes damage from legs and has unified damage scaling
    • Small adjustment to zombie climbing which will make it a little easier to climb over small bumps and climbing around inner and outer corners of geometry.
    • Removed self slowdown from Elder Ghoul when tossing poison flesh.
    • Adjusted zombie gasses particles to better match its size.
    • The Tickle Monster has unified damage scaling again.
    • Gave Waraxe a new look.


    • Tethered Harpoon
      • Fixed weapon returning when spectating.
      • Fixed having the harpoon persist on dead targets.
      • Fixed weapon quality not saving when thrown.
    • Fixed not being able to lastinv with the Grave Shovel and the Gluon.
    • Fixed Tithonus projectiles not being the intended size.
    • Fixed naming a loadout cart being barely visible while typing.
    • Fixed Strength Shot darts scaling infinitely.
    • Fixed zombie glowing eyes and weapons showing in zombie gasses.
    • Fixed Agile Dead and Super Zombie getting stuck while climbing.
    • Fixed brass knuckles applying the wrong speed class after attacking.
    • Fixed Acrobat Frame I costing 5 more worth than intended.

  • Banned

    @The-Darker-One said in Publish 427:

    • Added functionality for explosions and explosive weapons to have a damage tapering scalar based on the number of zombies hit. To start with, added this functionality to the Broadside to a minor degree. The base damage has been increased from 101 -> 110 but it loses 4% damage per zombie hit (multiplicatively).

    This actually means that after you hit enough zombies at once, you start to do less total damage. The cutoff point is 24 zombies, after that point your damage, and thus points per shot decreases.

    alt text.

  • No, it, adjusts as the damage is applied.

  • As expected of retard bugie.

  • Banned

    @Raox said in Publish 427:

    No, it, adjusts as the damage is applied.

    Do you mean the first zombie gets 100% damage, the next gets 96%, the next is 0.96^2=92.16% and so on? If so then yeah, my bad, it’s fine

  • yes, it works the way you describe there.

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