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Publish 426: Inventory Update

  • Inventory Update

    A huge update to the way the crafting system works in ZS. Players now have an inventory that they can carry crafting components and their trinkets in (which are no longer specifically treated as weapons).

    The new crafting system allows you craft from completely within your inventory. To do so, you’ll need a component - you get this by disassembling weapons and some trinkets - of which I should mention you can now disassemble items in any location without needing a remantler. When you’ve got the component, simply select it in your inventory, and click “Craft With Held Weapon”. If it is indeed a crafting recipe with the weapon - then you’ll successfully combine it and make the craft.

    World items act relatively similar to how they used to. You can extract them into an inventory component by simply alt clicking on them. This can be used to recipes you’re probably already familiar with, plus new and future ones.

    A lot of items in world can now be disassembled, so it’s worth trying to find out what you can accumulate from this.


    • Added 6 new crafted weapons. The recipes are deliberately designed for you to discover. Find out what components they use and what weapons they require.
    • Added tier 3 explosive weapon: ‘Hyena’ Sticky Bomb Launcher - fires explosives that stick to any surface or zombies and are remote detonated.
    • Added tier 4 explosive weapon: ‘Barrage’ Grenade Launcher - fires a cluster of bouncing explosives that detonate on impact with zombies or on their third bounce.
    • Added 3 new skills - Stockpiling, Supplier’s Acuity and Refiner’s Vision.
    • The Inventory System.

    Balance Changes

    • Eradicator changes: Your feedback has been noted in regards to Eradicators. They were a little bit of a literal no brainer of zombie class pick.
      • Health reduced from 475 -> 440.
      • Speed reduced from 165 -> 150.
    • Colossus reload speed increased again and recoil reduced.
    • Broadside damage increased from 93 -> 101 to be closer to that of the Artemis’ resupply value.
    • Impact mine maximum set to 6.
    • Bonemesh:
      • Bonemesh healing now can only heal bosses to 25% of their health (which is, for most zombies, about average regular zombie health), allowing them to be vulnerable if directly attacked humans. * The healing speed is a little faster to compensate.
      • Healing radius reduced slightly.
    • Chem Bursters:
      • Chem Bursters have been adjusted to make them more effective in long hallways but less effective around corner cades where they can’t be shot prior. They have a limitation on rotation during charging and are forced to move forwards now.
      • To compensate for the lack of the control, they gain much more speed than they used to and can cover the distance of a long hallway. This differentiates them from other zombie classes which struggle in hallways, and of which they used to struggle in, as well.
      • Sound of the charging has been adjusted to better reflect the charging time.
      • Health put back to 125 from 135 on them.
    • Drone:
      • Drone base movement speed increased slightly.
      • Drone aim angles made very slightly less restricted.
      • Maximum carry mass on the drone increased.
      • Hauling Module now has a reduced penalty to drone speed.
    • Artemis damage decreased from 43.75 -> 40.
    • Bloodsucker Headcrabs now leech and deal significantly less damage, attack a bit more slowly, but impart a very short duration slow on humans.
    • Added arm damage to frigid ghoul attacks.
    • Increased Elder Ghoul attack damage from 20 to 22.
    • Grave shovel changes
      • Increased range from 70 to 74.
      • Increased human damage from 56 to 60.
      • Increased Grave Digger damage from 38 to 40.
    • Shit Slapper changes: increased melee range from 60 to 72 and increased health from 3000 to 3200.
    • Agile Dead changes: increased health from 85 to 95 and increased point value from 3 to 3.25
    • Recent Dead changes: increased health from 100 to 115 and increased point value from 3.5 to 4
    • Increased the speed boost from Sugar Rush significantly.
    • Reduced the health penalty on Ultra Nimble, and adjusted Tanker to neutralise it.
    • Significantly increased the starting worth from Wide Load and point income.
    • Carpenter’s hammer no longer works with glass weapons.
    • Turret Lock and Turret Overload both have a penalty of -15% health. This buffs turret overload and nerfs turret lock.
    • Field Amplifier grants a bit more range and a bit less of a delay penalty.
    • Regenerator now has a slightly higher regeneration threshold with slight increase to the maximum health penalty.
    • Improved a few bad secondary remantle bonuses.
    • Healing Dart heal multipliers no longer apply twice. To compensate, the base healing of heal darts has been increased.
    • Reduced the range of impact mines by 25%.
    • Reduced the Nova Colt’s reload speed and made it not have an insanely fast reloading time. Now has less sustained DPS than some other tier 5s such as Adonis, Terminus and Reaper but still more than any other pistol.
    • Reworked Wooism. Now affects your bonus to ironsighting by reducing it, but also reduces the speed penalty you receive while being ironsighted.
    • Trigger Discipline skills now scale like Battlers do, being better later on.
    • Increased the draw speed bonus from Quick Draw.
    • Removed arsenal stocks from the Artemis.
    • Breen bust and Sawhack are now considered Tier 2. They dismantle for only half the scrap.

    Other Changes

    • Made every single VGUI element that fades in to your screen fade in up to 3 times as quickly in some cases. Helps make the interface feel more responsive.
    • Weapons database increased in height and now has the stat bars of the arsenal menu, alongside the scaling text and scaling screen size.
    • Given the following classes glowing eyes like the Vile Bloated Zombie has: Chilled Ghoul, Elder Ghoul and Wild Poison Zombie.
    • Doomcrab no longer has a death animation, and instead literally explodes into gibs.
    • Adjusted the way shade rocks are pulled out of the ground. They always pull out only very slightly in front of the Shade unless something is in front of it, in which it’ll be always on the shade itself. Should make it much harder to pull up through cades and the like.
    • Impact mines are no longer blocked by other humans or force fields in their detection.
    • Optimised the rendering on impact mines heavily.
    • Weapons that fire 7 pellets or more have had their pellet count reduced by 1 and the damage on the bullets increased to compensate. This is to try and reduce the effect of multi shot weapons operating weirdly with hit detection. No weapon has lost DPS or ammo eff with this change. A few weapons were already at 6 pellets so those were not adjusted.
    • Added an option to allow damage numbers to render through walls.
    • Shade no longer needs to look at the ground to pull up rocks.
    • Added an icon for components and the crafting pack (finally).
    • Added a convertor for trinkets that are weapons on maps. You won’t need to modify preplaced trinkets on maps with this new system.
    • Made the Gluon a bit more responsive with firing after venting and added the classic HL1 firing release sound.
    • Nova Colt is a bit more bombastic when killing a zombie.


    • Fixed Elder Ghoul not losing spawn protection when throwing poison.
    • Fixed Nox Core colors getting overrided.
    • Fixed an issue with the strenghshot gun rewarding damage when it shouldn’t.
    • Disabled Palsy effects in ZE.
    • Shade projectiles no longer collide with other projectiles, bullets or melee attacks.
    • Fixed aim compensator passive being on the wrong trinket.
    • Fixed third person not working with palsy effects.
    • Reduced the mass of a bunch of projectiles to prevent potential physics damage issues (but this should not be occuring).
    • Fixed Broadside rockets hitting things they shouldn’t.
    • Fixed Explosive ammo type not being stated on explosive weapons in the arsenal.
    • Fixed being unable to quick buy explosive ammo and it showing as a purchase button on selected explosive weapons.
    • Proxy mines no longer plant on props, instead bouncing off like grenades do.
    • Fixed brass knuckles so it can be diassembled.

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