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Pls remove Ice skate and mute

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    Pls I’m autistic and I have no friends I need to play on nox to not feel shit about my life
    Pls let me play on nox agin I’ll send you nudes pls I’ll do whatever you want I just wanna play on nox it’s the only way I feel important in life pls I don’t care about the game i just like the non austistic community of ppl who lack any social interaction in real life and make up for it by feeling special on nox and being part of the cool kids club like Behraka

    plssss you runined my life by not letting me play on nox and calling me a reatrd I get so fucking mad when a fat 30 y old autist called me Daesh retard it hurt so bad and I almost killed myself
    Pls I’ll bake a cake and write my name on it I’ll even send you 10 k in cash
    It hurt so bad when ppl call me names.

    Plssss man I need to feel important on steam and Garry’s mod I need to become admin on nox because I was bullied as a kid and now I’m a fucking asocial basement dweller

    Plsss don’t ban me from nox how else will I get attention from nox regulars with anime girl avatars pretending to be girls online

    Go outside

  • why did you create another thread

  • Get baking

  • 0_1494926828006_dba92264c0cbbfff0456aed5ae0959aa.png 0_1494926836006_0000000.png dang you remind me of someone
    trying to erp
    Daesh Partisan ☭: I want you aswell ossak
    Daesh Partisan ☭: I Wanna pin you up against the wall
    Daesh Partisan ☭: And trust My cock deep isnidw of you
    Daesh Partisan ☭: I Will mark you with My seed

    view at your own risk:

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  • remove thyself

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