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"Unban appeal" - Daesh_Partisan

  • Banned

    Hello it’s Daesh_Partisan

    Im making this appeal because I just wanna get rid of ice skeet so I can play again.

    If you don’t wanna unmute me that’s fine.

    And can people also stop calling me a retard and brony because i’ll never bother you again.
    Also I have severve autism, and that is the reason for me not being so respectfull to the admins as I should be.
    Please take my appeal into consideration, because there is no other server like nox, it’s the only good zombie survival server.

  • Banned

    I really feel sad for you rn, you got banned out of nowhere

  • Banned

    Yeah I know I had not been on the server for 6 months

  • Nox is fucking autisic im never coming here again. Shit server with shit Admins with shit pleayers and there are never any caders on, and if there are it does not matter cuz 60 zombies on weave 3 exd! Did i mentiion the pro players that get on and make the game about spawn camping for 6 weave so that cadé you build is now fucking useless. I can’t Belive i wasted 900 hours on this autistic fuckig shitfest. Did i mentiion admin abuse, and the fact that 90% of the time server is full of kids spaming Their mic or ppl like Billy saying rip club and for some reason is not muted.


  • Banned

    It’s a joke copypasta

  • You being passive/aggressive is a joke, and it ain’t funny. I don’t even think you’re serious about it since it’s not even an unban appeal, more like a request to get un-ice-skated.

  • @Partisan said in "Unban appeal" - Daesh_Partisan:

    It’s a joke copypasta

    I was only pretending to be retarded.

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