Handy Binds for the Mentally Feeble

  • Here are a few quality of life binds that should improve your time playing on NoxiousNet.

    Unobtrusive FPS

    • alias +infotab "+showscores; net_graph 1; net_graphheight 1050"
      alias -infotab "-showscores; net_graphheight 3000"
      bind tab “+infotab”

    Toggle Crouch

    • alias duck_on "+duck;alias toggle_duck duck_off"
      alias duck_off "-duck;alias toggle_duck duck_on"
      alias toggle_duck duck_on
      bind mouse4 toggle_duck

    Crouch Jump

    • alias +cjump "+jump; +duck"
      alias -cjump "-jump; -duck"
      bind space +cjump

    Player Transparency

    • alias radius_1 "zs_transparencyradius 1024;alias zs_radius radius_2"
      alias radius_2 "zs_transparencyradius 200;alias zs_radius radius_3"
      alias radius_3 "zs_transparencyradius 0;alias zs_radius radius_1"
      alias zs_radius radius_1
      bind g zs_radius

    Emote Rotation

    • alias cycle_haha "taunt_haha1"
      alias taunt_haha1 "say maniacal!;alias cycle_haha taunt_haha2"
      alias taunt_haha2 "say laff;alias cycle_haha taunt_haha3"
      alias taunt_haha3 "say sodomy!;alias cycle_haha taunt_haha1"
      bind i cycle_haha

    Edit these as you see fit
    PS: The “Unobtrusive FPS” has a value you’ll want to tweak for screen resolution.
    net_graphheight 1050 (for 1080p)

  • The Complete Emote Rotator!

    • alias cycle_yeah "taunt_yeah1"
      alias taunt_yeah1 "say ohoh yeah;alias cycle_yeah taunt_yeah2"
      alias taunt_yeah2 "say yeah;alias cycle_yeah taunt_yeah3"
      alias taunt_yeah3 "say right on;alias cycle_yeah taunt_yeah4"
      alias taunt_yeah4 "say yay;alias cycle_yeah taunt_yeah5"
      alias taunt_yeah5 “say yeaheheah;alias cycle_yeah taunt_yeah1”

    • alias cycle_ohno "taunt_ohno1"
      alias taunt_ohno1 "say no!;alias cycle_ohno taunt_ohno2"
      alias taunt_ohno2 “say noo;alias cycle_ohno taunt_ohno1”

    • alias cycle_stop "taunt_stop1"
      alias taunt_stop1 "say stop that;alias cycle_stop taunt_stop2"
      alias taunt_stop2 "say stop you’re killing me;alias cycle_stop taunt_stop3"
      alias taunt_stop3 “say that’s enough of that;alias cycle_stop taunt_stop1”

    • alias cycle_haha "taunt_haha1"
      alias taunt_haha1 "say maniacal!;alias cycle_haha taunt_haha2"
      alias taunt_haha2 "say laff;alias cycle_haha taunt_haha3"
      alias taunt_haha3 “say sodomy!;alias cycle_haha taunt_haha1”

    • alias cycle_cuss "taunt_cuss1"
      alias taunt_cuss1 "say oh fuck!;alias cycle_cuss taunt_cuss2"
      alias taunt_cuss2 "say oh shit;alias cycle_cuss taunt_cuss3"
      alias taunt_cuss3 "say oh god;alias cycle_cuss taunt_cuss4"
      alias taunt_cuss4 “say shit;alias cycle_cuss taunt_cuss1”

    • alias cycle_run "taunt_run1"
      alias taunt_run1 "say run;alias cycle_run taunt_run2"
      alias taunt_run2 "say run for your life;alias cycle_run taunt_run3"
      alias taunt_run3 “say run!;alias cycle_run taunt_run1”

    • alias cycle_help "taunt_help1"
      alias taunt_help1 "say my arm;alias cycle_help taunt_help2"
      alias taunt_help2 "say my gut;alias cycle_help taunt_help3"
      alias taunt_help3 "say my leg;alias cycle_help taunt_help4"
      alias taunt_help4 “say im hurt;alias cycle_help taunt_help1”

    • alias cycle_warn "taunt_warn1"
      alias taunt_warn1 "say team fall back;alias cycle_warn taunt_warn2"
      alias taunt_warn2 “say get outta there it’s gonna blow;alias cycle_warn taunt_warn1”

    • alias cycle_lose "taunt_lose1"
      alias taunt_lose1 "say oh no we’re all doomed;alias cycle_lose taunt_lose2"
      alias taunt_lose2 “say oh my god we’re doomed;alias cycle_lose taunt_lose1”

    • alias cycle_copy "taunt_copy1"
      alias taunt_copy1 "say affirmative;alias cycle_copy taunt_copy2"
      alias taunt_copy2 “say roger that;alias cycle_copy taunt_copy1”

    • alias cycle_threat "taunt_threat1"
      alias taunt_threat1 "say sector clear;alias cycle_threat taunt_threat2"
      alias taunt_threat2 “say enemy down;alias cycle_threat taunt_threat1”

    • alias cycle_bored "taunt_bored1"
      alias taunt_bored1 "say shouldn’t we be doing something?;alias cycle_bored taunt_bored2"
      alias taunt_bored2 “say gee it sure is boring around here;alias cycle_bored taunt_bored1”

    bind u cycle_yeah
    bind j cycle_ohno
    bind m cycle_stop
    bind i cycle_haha
    bind k cycle_cuss
    bind , cycle_help
    bind o cycle_run
    bind l cycle_warn
    bind . cycle_lose
    bind p cycle_copy
    bind h cycle_threat
    bind n cycle_bored





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