/Label and emote pitch

  • Good day!
    First of; I’m not sure if this is the correct category to post this in, please correct me for future reference.

    So, I’ve been playing on the Zombie Survival server for over seven years and finally came to buying diamond membership.
    Now, I wanted to set up a /label, but this command doesn’t seem to do anything. Accordingly from what I’ve heard a little menu should pop up.
    I’ve asked for help on the server, but mostly the replies went from “it works for me” to “kys,” as befits the server’s community (which I love.)

    If I may add; I’ve fooled around with the emote pitch slider in the options, but this also has no effect, whilst it clearly works for others.

    Unboubtedly I’m missing something or doing something wrong, so any help is greatly appreciated!
    Stark Raving Mad

  • type /label like you’re typing in chat, it’ll parse all the same tags. “/label hello”

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