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Mute Appeal: Twin Tail Red

  • My Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:91702174
    Username: Twin Tail Red

    I was permanently silenced (aka Gag + Mute) for Idiot.
    I was micspamming and being a total dickhead. I feel jealous of other players being able to communicate with others.

    Why was I micspamming though?
    I was experimenting how a staff member would handle a micspam, eventually I got muted by Scott.

    But, you could say that I’m a retard for micspamming, but yes, I am a retard for micspamming. I wish I could communicate with players, and I can offer you this:

    If I do tend to micspam again, you can mute me permanently, but if I make an appeal of like this again, please deny it, because I didn’t learn.

  • Go tell Scott the admin that he has terrible admin skills.

    First of all, I came to micspam for a social experiment to see how the staff are functioning. And, Scott was the first to answer after 10 minutes of micspamming. He then tells me to stop, but since it was an experiment, I kept micspamming. Eventually, he calls me an idiot, and mutes me for this reason: Idiot.

    Please do something about this terrible admin. His profile is private, which means he’s possibly trying to hide negative comments about him. My friend also has an issue with an admin too.
    From what he can explain, he said he said “group up” in chat, and eventually got muted by darkone.

    I want to tell scott this:

    -rep Bad admin, insufficient reasoning to mute me. I don’t recommend this guy as an admin at all. He has a private profile, and is possibly trying to hide negative and -rep comments. Go fuck yourself with a stick, cuck.

    scott is bad admin

  • @Tyler1274 I didn’t know you were suffering too…

  • Do people actually think +rep and -rep do anything?

  • i guess it’s a way to tell that this guy is good and that guy is bad

  • @JetBoom said in Mute Appeal: Twin Tail Red:

    Do people actually think +rep and -rep do anything?

    Idk why, but back in my CS:GO days, there would be this group of people who would go on Guides and say go to this person or themself and comment a false -rep

    EDIT: -rep or +rep isn’t anything to me. meeting the player is what you can tell if they’re good or bad.

  • @JetBoom

    I dunno but tf2 traders used to have sites that would count the number of +rep comments on your profile to determine how “trustworthy” you were.

    Then people learned people were deleting -rep comments.

    As for the appeal itself, permanent punishments are just that: permanent. There are only two ways to get them appealed:

    1. Posting an unban appeal in the hopes you’ll amuse or get pity from whichever admin set the punishment
    2. Challenging JetBoom to a Draconian Court game

  • @commandhat Speaking of Scott, where is he and is he going to say something in this post?

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