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[Solved] Permanently deafened for absolutely nothing

  • Yesterday i was permanently deafened totally random because someone was micspamming (i dont remember who), some people were complaining about it and i wrote the command “voice_enable 0” in the chat to help that people rid off that micspam. Thats all.

    Im Diamond member and always gentile with other players. I hope this is a mistake.

    My nickname is Zor Mon


  • Ok, its gone now.

  • thanks

  • Small problem with the banlist. Fixed now.

  • Im still perma banned with the reason “Volume 0”. What is happening? I don’t understand.

    alt text

    There isn’t even a link to the log.

  • Ok, I reviewed the logs and i saw this:

    Wed May 10 18:07:00 2017 <STEAM_0:0:65098183> NighTearic [Team Say | Survivors]: I’M GOING IN
    Wed May 10 18:07:03 2017 <STEAM_0:1:53304645> necco 🐍: dude why did you change ur model
    Wed May 10 18:07:03 2017 <STEAM_0:0:76100866> Sacrenex(597): LOL
    Wed May 10 18:07:09 2017 <STEAM_0:0:76100866> Sacrenex(597): LMFAO
    Wed May 10 18:07:10 2017 <STEAM_0:0:18903411> Naelstrof: whatever you say
    Wed May 10 18:07:11 2017 <STEAM_0:0:65098183> NighTearic: ROAD BLOCK AGO
    Wed May 10 18:07:24 2017 <STEAM_0:1:95863605> Lando: LMAO
    Wed May 10 18:07:26 2017 <STEAM_0:1:2642741> Zor Mon: voice_enable 0
    Wed May 10 18:07:33 2017 <STEAM_0:1:95863605> Lando: LOOOL
    Wed May 10 18:07:43 2017 <STEAM_0:0:65098183> NighTearic: FK
    Wed May 10 18:07:45 2017 <STEAM_0:0:29741200> Tony Bamanaboni: LEL
    Wed May 10 18:07:47 2017 <STEAM_0:1:95863605> Lando: JACK THE CAR
    Wed May 10 18:07:52 2017 <STEAM_0:0:28921093> Headcrab Hitler: more like voice_overdrive 20
    Wed May 10 18:07:57 2017 <STEAM_0:0:65098183> NighTearic: ZOMBIES ARE TAKING THE CAR
    Wed May 10 18:08:00 2017 <STEAM_0:0:32163864> Scott: we dont care if you voice enable 0 zor mon
    Wed May 10 18:08:01 2017 <STEAM_0:1:2642741> Zor Mon has been permanently deafened by The Darker One because voice_enable 0.
    Wed May 10 18:08:02 2017 <STEAM_0:0:19897240> Manzy removed a nail belonging to <STEAM_0:0:19897240> Manzy from prop_physics (models/props_c17/furniturecouch002a.mdl) + world which leaves 0 nail(s) left. Remover score: 0 Deployer score: 0

    Nothing more in all the logs, so i think im deafened permanently from the server for writing the command to disable voice to help people avoid the micspammers because the silent button wasnt working that night. There is no other reason. No insults, no raging, no playing against the rules, no shitcading, nothing at all.

  • looks like you wont need to use voice_enable 0 anymore

  • I see the deaf removed, so thanks.

    I still dont know what i did wrong. Is that command against the rules or anything? I saw people writing it in the chat sometimes, so i wrote it for helping. I don’t bother actually, because i usually enjoy people trolling. Sorry if it causes problems in the server or anything.

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