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[RELEASE] zs_obj_miners_clutch_v3

  • 0_1493645633782_miners clutch.jpg

    A large zombie survival objective map.

    Quickly make your way out of the mines before the zombies overrun them.

    Created By : Tafu

    Workshop Link:

    Google Drive Link:

  • Looks interesting, however there are a few issues right off the bat:

    • The rocks are the very start are easy to jump over, it’s the top left facing them.
    • Fps is a bit low in a lot of areas. This is due to a number of things, mainly dynamic lights and some bad sprites. It’s not too unmanageable but it’s not ideal. I would suggest putting a fade distance on things that are really far away as well.

    I’ll still put it on for a test run to gauge opinion on the map.

    Edit: It was put on for a test run and it went really poorly. A lot of objectives were confusing past the first point, some even seemed like you couldn’t even complete them. Along with that the first spawn is broken, some prop_ammo spawn don’t give people any ammo, and there’s missing textures from what I’ve seen. This map probably has potential but right now it’s not even playable.

  • Thank you Scott. I’ll get to work on fixing these things.
    Could you tell me where the missing textures are so that I could fix them please?

  • @Tafu The side of a metal door in the first area, it’s after the part we couldn’t figure out how to complete. Also adding on to what I said before, more pointers as to what to do on certain parts would be nice.

  • @Scott Thanks.

    V2. Download Links Updated.

    Google Drive:


    • Extended clip by the rocks to stop jumping over.
    • Removed fire sprites
    • Added real fire
    • Added fade distance to some props.
    • Fixed Missing Textures (Hopefully)
    • Added a lot more hints to make the objectives easier to understand.
      -Fixed prop_ammo’s without any ammo
      -Removed Dynamic Lights

  • Nice improvement, however a bad sprite still exists. Seems to be whatever is in that concrete cylinder just before the unstable wooden table part. The side of the metal door zombie spawn of the upper level is still a missing texture. Other than that it seems fine, I’ve added it.

  • V3 Update
    Download links updated.

    –v3 Changelog–

    -Added Water to bottom of the ladder in the first rest room. (Funded by the Kleiner Support Charity)
    -All glass to supply cases are now breakable(Boomstick is now reachable)
    -Tweaked Ghouls to Shadow Crawlers in the abandoned underground store room part.
    -Added hint to show secondary exit of zombie spawn in abandoned underground store room part.
    -Explosive Notice added to TNT (Funded by the Kleiner Support Charity)
    -Removed green tunnel death and green cardboard damage.
    -Removed broken tables.
    -Changed a music track


  • Updated.

  • V4

    -Changed Shadow Crawlers Transformer to Fresh Dead in order to fix FPS
    -Trigger tweaks and minor things

    Links Updated

  • Updated.

  • Extend the water under the ladder to make it impossible for people to die to fall damage.

    Remove the rocks by the ladder entrance, it is causing players to get stuck.

    Add a message (on screen,) on when to fall back from the first section.

    Make the explosion at the beginning do no damage / not prop kill people by making the props delete on explosion or not collide with humans.

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