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Input Needed: Disable Eradicator (Various Other Problems)

  • Clearly there’s problems that need to be sorted out and I think there’s a major disconnect. I already made a change which immediately I was asked to revert, (In hindsight, it was pretty rash) so I need some input and I’m going to take your input pretty widely on this. I’ve been listening to a lot of feedback I think some of the recent changes with zombie variants and I’m starting to feel a lot of new zombie classes and variants could use adjustment.

    I’ll even quote JetBoom as I was playing with him briefly today and he mentioned that purpose of the Eradicator didn’t seem needed, as it’s just a zombie with better stats across the board, and among another things things like Bloodsucker Headcrabs being straight up better headcrabs once they’re inside a barricade which is pretty much what they’re supposed to do. I’m not going to name names, the current developers have all made classes and variants, I’m not immune to this, things like Petrified Wraith are in a somewhat in a shitty state (but it was worse).

    So what I’m proposing is disable these variants and classes until they get reworked and they have a real proper mechanical niche, make them actually do something unique. Don’t enable them until then. I understand there’s a really big problem with a lot of quantity and a lack of quality. Namely I’ll probably disable Eradicators first. Chem Bursters do their job just fine for Wave 6 and they’re actually solid, I buffed them recently but they were probably fine before, but that honestly should suffice for Wave 6 “power creep”. If there’s other problems don’t be afraid to speak in this thread. We don’t need to rush content too hard. In fact, I would rather release something that’s mildly buggy than something that’s just a lack of quality from now on.

    Everyone’s input is welcome on this.

    Other things:

    • Devourer is probably obnoxiously strong as a boss class even though it is undeniably fun to play.

  • Please look into Bloodsuckers. I agree with your sentiment on them and think something should really orient them to being an infiltration home wrecker, if that is the desired direction. I’m not saying make them better at such a role, just that if they are meant for such a role make that clear. They are pretty fast when in confined space.

  • I do think wave 6 needs a new zombie class to balance things out when it’s apparent that chems won’t be useful in a given scenario. However, I don’t think straight up tanky DPS is the answer. I like Prof. Dru’s idea on a new class, it would definitely change the way wave 6 plays out.

  • The variants did seem get introduced to the game mode very quickly which I think lead to confusion, not many people understood (or rather, still don’t understand) in which situation to use them, their strengths and weaknesses etc.

    Giving people who predominantly play zombie a bit of variety is good, just don’t over do it and introduce them slowly so people have a chance to learn how to play them.

  • We won’t be removing or disabling anything we’ve decided, but we’re reworking Eradicator and probably Bloodsucker, and we’re going to seriously slow down on the variant side of additions.

  • Having a headcrab that is effective(Not OP obviously) at attacking barricades would be interesting :package:

  • @Raox Right now, I feel like the game is in a good place despite a few balance quirks.

    The only real annoyance I have right now is with zombie spawn protection. I would have no issues with it if it was more obvious where the boundary for z spawn ends. This issue is caused by zombies still receiving buffs after leaving the gas, making it more difficult to determine where the gas actually begins since different zombie types lose invulnerability at different distances. When a new spawning system gets implemented, I would like to see this protection be reworked to make it more obvious where the boundaries of the gas are, while still providing zombies with increased lethality near their spawn.

    Something that I would like to see in the future, is more mobility perks and changes to the existing ones. Ultra nimble is generally considered an unplayable perk due to the high health cost. I can see the concern for having light speed humans, but the health penalty is just too much right now. Decreasing the health penalty to better match the increase in speed would make it a little more viable.

  • Eradicators are kind of needed since there’s a lot of scenarios where chems die too fast to do anything, but they were definitely too powerful. I saw a few rounds where if there were more than ~20 zombies there would just be mass suicide to end the round because it was already gg.

    Also, from my limited experience devourer is silly levels of strong in certain scenarios (mostly cocky humans on wave 2), but is kind of useless otherwise.

    In general, I don’t like a decent chunk of the variants. Petrified wraith feels mostly useless. It’s not sturdy enough to use as a shield, but it loses the main appeal of wraiths. Vile bloated and wild poison are in the same boat. The poison/vomit is incredibly weak in general and isn’t worth losing a ton of HP and damage just to occasionally do 5 damage to a human.

    Barbed headcrab feels both pointless and overpowered. The projectile is wonky as hell and hard to hit with. On the other hand, very few people get bleed resistance unless they have hemophilia anyway, and at that point, it just becomes a better poison assuming you can hit.

    Bloodsucker is, on the other hand, basically a direct upgrade from my experience.

    I don’t get boss enough to really say much about those variants. The only thing I’ll say is that frost shade is really strong. Haven’t used Agile Dead at all.

    Skelton crawler/shadow walker are fine, but skeleton crawlers can seriously fuck up cades where you can’t easily melee them.

  • @Omen267901 said in Input Needed: Disable Eradicator (Various Other Problems):

    In general, I don’t like a decent chunk of the variants. Petrified wraith feels mostly useless. It’s not sturdy enough to use as a shield, but it loses the main appeal of wraiths. Vile bloated and wild poison are in the same boat. The poison/vomit is incredibly weak in general and isn’t worth losing a ton of HP and damage just to occasionally do 5 damage to a human.

    I disagree. Wild Poison Zombies, Petrified Wraiths, and Vile Blaoted zombies are all very potent. Vile Bloated can be more mobile when spitting poison, however wild poison zombie can attack many humans at once with its large amount of projectiles or heavily damage one human by getting up close. What you need to consider though is not their dps alone, but in a group. Coordinated attacks with these classes are extremely effective, especially when humans are focused on other things.

    Petrified wraiths can serve as walls when used in numbers, allowing bosses such as doomcrab to fire upon a cade from relative safety, as well as providing relative cover to friendly zombies.

  • I won a game against eradicators while faded as fuck, so yeah case closed everything’s well within ZS meta and balance. lol

    I actually experienced eradicators first hand, like 6 hours after the update landed. They destroyed us in zs_urban_strain, pretty sure we would’ve won if they weren’t implemented yet. I think they’ve been recently balanced afterwards.

  • @Yung-Dave said in Input Needed: Disable Eradicator (Various Other Problems):

    while faded as fuck

    fuck yeah dude

  • They’re being changed to support role that’ll involve making other zombies benefit from their death (probably to support Chems).

  • That’s a nice place for them to be^

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