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Collaborating with the Community

  • Title says the bulk of it. If you’re capable of launching hammer and collaborating then tune in. :radio:

    Having trouble materializing ideas? Need help working in hammer? Don’t have the time to see a project through?

    Let’s bring a little synergy to the table. I’m looking to collaborate with community members in hammer. The idea is that with a few people working together we could improve the overall quality of each others work. This also has the benefit of fueling our favorite gamemodes with new content. :two_hearts:
    So give it a thought and consider dropping a line. :thumbup:

    [:warning: Reminder :warning:] There are no obligations with this; this collaboration is for the sole benefit of the community and its members.

  • irishman goes to a blacksmith for a job blacksmith asks if he’s got any experience irishman says no but i once told a horse to fuck off

  • Shoo. Ya cheeky bastard

  • Time is a big part that stops me from working on any ideas I have

  • @Jacky Add me on steam if you wanna get in contact. I won’t be of much help right now as I’m in the middle of a project. This coming week I should be free to deal with this topic and its prospects.

  • :apple::gun::bangbang:

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