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I'm Cody, new, and with questions

  • Hey everyone, I’ve recently joined the ZS community after being shown it by a friend of mine, enjoying it plenty - recently donated as well. I’m Australian, so shit ping, but I’m a good Australian.

    Just looking for some general tips about being a medic, seems very unrewarding and I was hoping anyone had some tips on how to make it a little bit better, whether it be skill traits or whatever else.

    Say hi if you see me.

  • Too useless personally to know anything about medic but welcome anyway.

  • hello

  • Medic isn’t very rewarding because it’s a safe role. If you want to get the most out of it you should probably unlock some debuffs because that’ll transmute to a higher point income, and considering medic is a safe role, you won’t put yourself at great risk.

  • @Raox For sure man, I’ve just been following the guidance of my friend to choose skill points, and I only ever used the medic stuff once, just seemed like a role that is always needed and someone has to do it, right? Thanks for the info!

  • @Cody Another tip is to try out the medgun once you get all of the medic skills. It allows you to heal faster as long as you land your shots. If you’re still hurting for points, try buying a hammer or melee weapon to remain useful while waiting for more med ammo.

  • you heal more with medigun and all unlocked surgeon skills

  • make sure to always heal the guy who yells “heeeel me” or “heal me I’m important”.

    they he I takes priority over others.

  • @Prof.-Dru @Dark-Noob @West-Nile

    Thanks for all the help, currently going for Blood Armour then will go down the surgeon skill tree. Appreciate the help and see you guys in game!

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