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[release] zs_belmont_v3

  • An original map by me. This is a small town with several large, medium, and small buildings.

    [NEW] Updated to v3
    *Fixed sound bug with doors
    *Changed breakable windows
    *Changed skybox & world lighting
    *Added theme sounds

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    *I will no longer be changing showcase images as changes are too minor past this point


    P.S. The suffix _v3 is an artifact that shows this is an edited final version; it is subject to edits and will continue in a numbered format. And for those interested in comparing the progress, I’ve made an album HERE!

  • As you said this map lacks a lot of detail, I can put it on for a test run however from a glance i can see this playing pretty well. A 3d skybox and few bits of detail in the empty spaces of the map could go a long way.

  • Looks like it could be solid with some more detail. How well optimized is it?

  • It looks like an early blockout or really unfinished.
    Not unlike most of the maps already on ZS tho.

    Some tips:

    3D skybox and not a bland default sky texture
    Displacement mapping
    Make houses look like houses that people lived in and used
    If that is a store, what kind of store is it? Does it have graphics on the walls outside? Advertisements for what product?
    Trees and flora that are not just “put there”
    Avoid the standard “Walls around the map” thing that makes the map feel like a prison.
    An unique touch to the map like a theme. This is the zombie apocalypse. Why are people camping out there?

  • Bump: New release of beta version!

  • Nice improvement, I’ve updated it on the server.

  • Looks way better

  • This is a nice graphical improvement. Though still some of the buildings you can closely see they are still kinda simple but its alright. Would give this one a thumbs up.

  • Alright, the time for suggestions is here. If you have any input that is particular to this map explicitly then feel free to reach me for consideration. That is, if you want something removed/added/changed give me your feed back. I am not looking for advice only for community input.

  • Bump: New release of final version!

  • Bump: New release of v3!

  • Updated

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