my new garry's mod map

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    [My new map, could be a zs map later]

    Its a map about three buildings
    -Box Factory
    -Garden Shop

    It will have fixes in the future and improvements.

    [Help me! My map texture ‘invisible’ are visible, they are for blocking so you can’t fall off the map. Normally they are invisible, even player clips are visible. If you are a expert mapper then give me advice, im still learning!]

    Day Street(the map)

  • I de-compiled your map and I seen loads of problems with it. First your invisible walls and loads of other walls are displacements. Second some blocks goes into other blocks which I see everywhere in this map.

    These are some of the main problems with your map.

  • Looks like shit

  • id prefer ima’s house

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    I take any critizism0_1490360861186_Capture34.PNG

  • Any hammer/engine based materials (usually a solid color with white or black text, such as the yellow and black NODRAW texture) cannot be placed on displacements. You can only use those types of materials on flat blocks (or brushes, as others may call them). Sloped surfaces are fine but it cannot be a displacement, as doing so will make it not work and just render as a normal texture.

    Displacements are when you edit a face of a block as individual points (vertex/vertices) based on how many times you subdivded the face. Note that this doesnt mean you cant use Vertex Mode on a block, that will work just fine. Just dont try to make a displacement out of it or the engjne materials dont work.

  • You can also just carve the displacements.

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