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[ZS] Increase (revert) the size of Bonemesh balls

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    I don’t think the ball size decrease to Bonemesh was warranted, it causes too much AoE damage to humans very safely since the ball can get inside most barricades easily. I don’t think cades should be punished for allowing enough room to shoot. Everything else (the rate of fire, moving while attacking) is okay I guess.

    I kinda want other people’s opinions on what this change to Bonemesh would be since I didn’t make said change myself, but my logic is that having balls roll or bounce into cades repeatedly because enough space needs to made wide open for humans to shoot at a range of angles properly, I don’t feel is good. Previously it only punished fairly bad cades with large gaps or huge shot traps for the balls, that still gave it a niche. If say 20-30 humans are up at the front shooting you’re going to be doing around 250 damage a shot if you get ball inside the cade which is pretty insane, considering you can do this without ever risking yourself for damage in some cases.

  • The decrease in Bonemeshes projectile size makes it very strong where it stands with the player easily shooting the projectiles into any sort of cade (Windows mainly)

  • He still does too much damage

  • Bonesmesh
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  • @Kurondaiku said in [ZS] Increase (revert) the size of Bonemesh balls:

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    @JetBoom You probably need to change this again if it’s still that bad. I can imagine people are still finding safe spots with it to deal large amounts of damage unpunished.

    Right now it’s basically a better Tickle Monster, it’s still quite broken.

  • lmao wtf

  • It was a nerf if anything since they break on contact.

  • It somehow made it kinda better. Darker One had a suggestion to make it work like fire bomb does where it’ll explode very promptly after bouncing, but not immediately on contact.

    I’ll adjust Bonemesh if I guess I’m allowed to.

  • The explode on contact change did fix some situations where bonemesh could devastate cades out of sight, however it created some as well. Since the bombs explode on contact and deal AOE damage, bonemesh is able to fire at walls near the cade to damage humans if that’s even his goal. This bonemesh’s utility lies in his ability to damage multiple props with each bomb, which is arguably easier now that he doesn’t need to account for any bounces. Blood bombs are also able to knock props out of humans’ hands, making replacing props much more difficult.

    Adding a small bounce may fix some issues, but I don’t know if it would fix the larger issue of what bonemesh is meant to do. Bonemesh will always be able to find ways to hit the cade without exposing himself, but this isn’t fun to play as or against. I believe what makes bonemesh interesting is finding holes in cades to damage humans through, however it seems like this bonemesh is almost encouraged to spam blood bombs directly at the cade.

    Perhaps bonemesh could be incentiveized to hit humans by readding the multiple bounces, increasing the damage blood bombs to humans, decreasing the damage they do to cades and, decreasing their AOE. This would stop rewarding bonemesh for afking while holding +mouse2, and really encourage smart usage of blood bombs. Maybe they can even inflict knockdown or some other debuff on direct hit. To keep him useful in situations where he cannot fire bombs into the cade, his healing ability could be reworked to help other zombies make holes.

  • Now that I think about, he’s almost a better Doom Crab completely in terms of disruption factor right now. Sure Dim Vision/Ghoul Touch/Slow is annoying, but Bonemesh balls cause way more disruption simply for the fact they deal a lot of AoE damage and cause humans to recoil from the AoE very quickly. It’ll actually stop humans from shooting.

    The way I see it is it should be there to punish cades which create shot traps and don’t layer props correctly. The larger size on the balls is kinda required otherwise you start punishing humans because the balls are just going to thread through any cade and start dealing large amounts of human AoE damage. Probably needs to work like Chem Bursters in a sense, where they’re “large projectiles”. I don’t think you can get around it. If you increase the projectile size again I think it will be much better since it moves back the AoE from humans.