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Publish 424

  • So I can play as Roadhog now?

  • @realbisousbisous said in Publish 424:

    So I can play as Roadhog now?

    Time to fill the void that is your skull.

  • Zombie Survival


    • Poison damage is now 40% instant and 60% over time (changed from 25% and 75%).
    • Focus skill now has a -10% reload speed. Focus was too strong for a straight upgrade skill slot, this adds a slight downside.
    • Removed the lock-in-place for Flesh Creeper, Devourer hook shot, Ass Kicker, Bone Mesh flesh bomb, Fast Zombie legs, Zombie legs. Lock-in-place was a poor balancing mechanic in some cases and an annoyance in all cases.
    • Lascerator pounce delay reduced from extremely long 3.0s to 1.7s.
    • Puke Pus is no longer bigger than other classes. The larger model was causing extremely glitchy movement.
    • Puke Pus move speed increased 120 to 135.
    • Ghoul health, speed, and points changed from 175, 160, 4 to 200, 165, 5.
    • Zombie speed increased from 150 to 165 and damage from 30 to 32 to combat power creep from skills and new items.

  • This post is deleted!

  • There’s a significant update coming soon, but in the meantime, here’s what happened in a proper form and live on the server, since then, for reference.


    • Added a new debuff: Frail. Prevents you from being healed over 25% health by any source including health kits, regeneration or HL2 health kits/chargers.
    • Added a new Tier 1 crossbow to complete off the list of ammo types in the tier: The “Slinger” Bolt Pistol. A slow loading, not perfectly accurate bolt pistol that doesn’t have any special properties like piercing. Does the most single shot damage of a starter weapon but cannot headshot.
    • Added a new Tier 3 melee weapon - Type XIIIa longsword. A longsword which is capable of cleaving through multiple zombies at once.
    • Added a new Tier 3 melee weapon - Executioner Axe. Has the special ability to instantly kill zombies which are reduced to below 10% health.
    • Added a new Tier 3 melee weapon - Rebar Mace. Has considerable knockback, damage and is capable, much like the lead pipe, of staggering zombie vision.
    • Added a new Tier 1 melee weapon - Brass Knuckles. A boost to your fist damage and counts as a seperate fist weapon. It also does not slow you down when you attack.
    • Added a new craftable - Nova Blaster. Made with a Z9000 and Magnum. Fires bouncing pulse projectiles, that impart slow.
    • Added a new debuff type: Frost (reduces overall fire rate and reload speed by 30%).
    • Added a new Shade variant: Frost Shade. A shade capable of throwing rocks that deal less direct damage but slow targets and impart nearby humans with the frost debuff. Also capable of producing a weaker shield which deals AoE damage on destruction, and also causing the frost debuff.
    • Added a new Wisp variant: Cool Wisp. Has less health than a regular wisp, but produces the frost debuff in an AoE, when it attacks and explodes, instead of blinding.
    • Added Shade trinket drop: Shade Ectoplasm. Reduces damage from projectiles by 10% and increases throwing strength by 70%.
    • Added Frost Shade trinket drop: Ice Shard and the Frotchet craft. Does leg damage and arm damage to zombies that hit you. Can be used to craft a Frotchet, which is a powerful melee weapon with a secondary chargeup AoE attack.
    • Added a new zombie variant and its minions: Giga Shadow Child and Shadow Child. In general, they’re resistant to melee, do less damage but inflict dim vision. They also have somewhat less health.
    • Added the Doom Organ as a drop to the Doom Crab. Reduces the duration of Dim Vision effects on you and allows you to cleanse harmful statuses every 20 seconds with the trinket held in your hand, and a left click.
    • Added new branching skill, Blast Proof: Reduces damage to self by 50%, reduces reload speed and switch speed by 10%.

    Game Balance

    • Reduced Hemophilia’s penalty from 33% extra bleed damage to 25%, but decreased the worth and points return from +15/+3% to +10/+2%.
    • Reduced the +% points bonus on weakness and slow from +5% to +4%, since they don’t give as much worth as Clumsy or Late Buyer.
    • Significantly buffed some trinkets that aren’t commonly used:
      • Force Dampening Field Emitter now decreases damage from props by 33% instead of 25%, now makes you immune to knockdowns from props, makes shade physics damage become applied normally and works to reduce shade rock damage.
      • Auto Recovery System now decreases knockdown time by 40% from 33%, and reduces the duration of pulls from classes such as the Devourer by about half. Also adjusted the description to reflect what it does more accurately.
      • Pathfinder now gives a 30% bonus to barricade phasing speed and now also introduces a reduction in sigil teleportation time.
      • Power Gauntlet’s 5th attack now does +75% damage.
      • Changed the way Boxing Training Manual works somewhat. The number of blows to stun has been reduced to 4 but once a stun has happened, the combo cannot be built up nor can the zombie be stunned again for 3 seconds.
      • Merged Barbed Armor 1 and 2 to a single Barbed Armor that reflects damage done to you based on the damage dealt plus a flat damage amount. Generally a large buff.
      • Antitoxin Package now reduces the speed of poison damage on you over time by 45%.
      • Increased Nightvision Goggles dim vision reduction from -24% to -50%.
    • Normalised the point amounts of some boss zombies based on how hard they are to kill, based on health and if they have a head or not:
      • Puke Pus: 30 -> 40,
      • Bonemesh: 30 -> 35,
      • Giga Gore Child: 30 -> 40,
      • Doom Crab: 30 -> 35,
      • Ass Kicker: 30 -> 40.
    • Reduced the price of some starting trinkets in worth again, and readded Targeting Visor I.
    • Increased the projectile velocity on the Charon from 1100 -> 1300.
    • Charon damage: 77 -> 81.5.
    • Increased the damage on the Inquisitor from 83 -> 86.
    • Increased the projectile velocity from 1400 -> 1600.
    • Bonemesh shoots further and does a bit more damage but meat balls explode on contact, dealing only direct damage. The Bonemesh now also shoots significantly faster.
    • Doomcrab projectiles now have direct damage.
    • Petrified Wraith now has a toggleable Stone Form instead of it being automatic.
      • Now has the ability to toggle Stone Form by pressing SHIFT.
      • In this form you cannot attack but you’re far more sturdier after 1.5 seconds.
      • You also start to regenerate health.
      • The compromise for Petrified Wraith is somewhat less health and more visibility.
      • Has a vulnerability to crushing weapons in Stone Form.
    • Significantly increased and changed a bunch of secondary remantling effects on weapons. Mainly focused on Tier 1 and 2 weapons.
    • Reduced the damage on the ZE Quicksilver.
    • Quicksilver clip: 8 -> 10, affects ZE (but also consider the damage nerf in ZE).
    • Added some missing melee weapons to the arsenal crate (plank, pipe, hook).
    • Mining Goggles is now Tier 2.
    • Changed the Ancient Nightmare’s slow scale from 2 to 1.
    • Human melee can be slowed from arm damage like zombies.
    • Increased the health of Force Field emitters from 150 -> 200.
    • Decreased the cost of them in worth and points.
    • Increased the repair field repair rate from 8 to 10.
    • Wisp health increased to 1200 and Wisp explosion radius increased.
    • Egocentric now reduces damage to self from -75% to -25%.

    Other Changes

    • Added missing blaster pump after firing sound.
    • Sigil teleport meters now show SHIFT to cancel when teleporting, and they also reflect decreases to sigil teleport time more accurately.
    • Variants no longer show as being unlocked each wave since their respective base class determines if they’re unlocked or not.
    • Removed the phasing indicator near your health from ZE and from the zombie team. Should improve FPS very slightly.
    • Added a new damage type rule that allows for special cases that need to bypass damage resistances.
    • Added 2 new options: Disable use to deposit ammo in deployables and disable use to pickup props (for only picking up items while not using Noodle Arms).
    • Heavily updated the FGD, includes the new variants, classes and weapons.
    • Removed model icons from trinkets in the worth menu.
    • Allow mappers to add decimal point values to players (they carry over).
    • Made it so Flesh Creeper nests operate much like zombies do when damaged in terms of awarding points, instead of awarding 5 points when destroyed. They’ll show point floaters like zombies do.
    • Made point floaters appear faster after damaging zombies.
    • Added “frost” as a new status to func_status.
    • Changed Puke Pus hull and view offset to match poison zombies.
    • Changed Lacerator crouching animation, hull and view offset to match fast zombies.
    • Zombies with spawn protection have bullets pass straight through them. This is to prevent cases where other zombies could use spawn protection to provide a shield for bosses with ranged attacks. It also should help clarify that you cannot damage them, since blood splats won’t appear.
    • Status bars no longer have fixed vertical positions and realign themselves as other statuses expire.
    • Made the Purchase Now text indicators on Arsenal Crates a bit bigger, it’s a decent indicator of being able to purchase or not and was previously kinda small.
    • Resupply Boxes now have timers, adjusted the positioning of certain elements on the “interface” of resupply boxes.
    • Added lag compensation to the drone.
    • Improved Shade controls to be more responsive.


    • Fixed a Vile Bloated Zombie lua error when dying shortly after initiating a puke.
    • Mostly fixed being able to nail props into zombies, trapping them. If you try doing this it will now force the prop into phasing mode.
    • Stopped/fixed flesh creeper nests colliding with humans and basically getting them stuck.
    • Fixed being able to “taunt” while dead.
    • Fixed Giga Gore Child not lying down properly.
    • Fixed Late Buyer interaction with Remantler and scrap.
    • Fixed the Black/Ancient core from being visible behind walls without Scavenger’s Eyes.
    • Fixed round display not showing on ZE.
    • Fixed zapper/repair field health not showing for zombies.
    • Added some additional checks to Flesh Creeper nest building to prevent you making nests where zombies cannot spawn.
    • Fixed second winds during the super zombie phase of the escape doors opening causing torsos/legs to become super zombies.
    • Fixed an issue where zappers would linger after death.
    • Fixed being unable to pack up deployables through force fields.
    • Prevented quality versions of ZE weapons from generation.
    • Classes like Devourer and Shadow Lurker (which have 2 models) should now not display their 2nd model in zombie gas unchanged. Instead, only the first model renders with the green spawn protection effect.
    • Fists no longer apply engine knockback.
    • Fixed a bug where HL2 ladders would become unusable.
    • Fixes to Fast Zombie for the next GMod update to ensure no change to gameplay will occur with the fast zombie player model getting fixed hitboxes.

  • Banned

    @Raox This update looks beautiful, more please!

  • Where to find download for the updated gamemodes? Or is it only for the NoxiousNet server. If so, that would suck

  • @DarkSoul034 its private

  • @DarkSoul034

    public releases (older versions)

  • Last update notes before next publish, of what has happened since then.


    • Added a new tier 1 melee - Ladel. Counts as a culinary weapon. Fairly fast melee weapon.
    • Added a new tier 1 melee - Glass Bottle. A melee weapon that breaks after to you use it twice.
    • Added a new tier 2 melee - Broom. Faster weapon with decent knockback and range.
    • Added a new tier 3 melee - Meat Tenderizer. Considered a culinary weapon. Has considerable knockback.
    • Added new skill - Master Chef. Master Chef grants you a chance to generate food with culinary melee weapon kills.
    • Added new skill - Sugar Rush. Allows you to gain a small speed boost from soda instead of health.
    • Added new skill - Strength Shot Medic Gun. Gives the target a temporary boost to melee damage, but does not heal or make them faster. Can purchased for worth or points once unlocked.
    • Added new skill - Lightweight. Grants +6 movement speed with a melee weapon equipped at the cost of -20% melee damage.
    • Added new skill - Agile. Brings back a smaller jumping height bonus from Acrobat but has much harsher penalties, including increased fall damage and reduced movement speed.
    • New Arsenal Menu - Reworked the arsenal menu. You now select guns on the left side and it shows the stats and the ability to purchase them on the right side. You can right click on items to quickly buy them.
    • Re-enabled the Nova Colt for purchase at Tier 5. Now reworked into a simpler weapon that has fairly high fire rate and damage resulting in good burst damage, but a significant reload time. Has a new model.
    • Added new fast headcrab variant: Bloodsucker Headcrab. Has more health and is overall slower but has a bleed bite that heals a small amount of health.
    • Added a new console command: zs_quickbuyammo. This quickly buys ammo based on your current resupply ammo type. Since your resupply ammo type defaults based on whatever weapon you’re holding, it can be used as a quick way to instantly buy ammo for the weapon you’re using without ever opening an arsenal crate.
    • Added the Wild Poison Zombie variant. Can throw more poison but at the cost of its own health. Slower, slightly more durable.
    • Added new Ghoul variant - Frigid Ghoul. Replaces poison and goop slow with frost touch and frost balls.
    • Added a new butcher variant - The Grave Digger. Slower, but carries around a grave shovel, which has a decent range and damage. The grave shovel can drop (it is markedly different from a regular shovel).

    Game Balance

    • You now receive a commission like remantling does for upgrading if someone constructs a trinket with scrap.
    • Phaser now carries a 15% penalty to sigil teleportation times.
    • Nova Blaster
      • Ammo Usage: 2 -> 3
      • Damage: 46 -> 55.5
    • Shade will always inflict damage to drones and manhacks when launched at the world no matter if they have Stable Hull or not.
    • Buckshot turret spread reduced to 4 from 5, maximum ammo in buckshots turrets increased to 200.
    • Shadow Child deals 2 damage instead of 1.
    • Made Hammer Discipline reflect what it is supposed to do properly and changed the description. It was intended to give +25% swing speed with the Hammer, so it now does this in gameplay terms of reducing swing delay, which reduces the power of it slightly. The description has been changed to show the reduction in swing delay.
    • Taking damage will now always reset your blood armor regeneration delay. Previously this only happened if you lost at least 1 blood armor.
    • Added Blood Transfusion Pack to worth menu.
    • Ghoul Touch now properly gives the extra damage to the zombie who previously ghoul touched a human last. It was bugged before and simply giving it to the attacker twice in terms of attribution.
    • Shadow Walker speed raised to be the same as regular zombies.
    • Skeletal Lurkers speed reduced from 160 to 155, keeping with the slower skeleton theme.
    • Improved the performance of Vile Bloated Zombies slightly.
    • Petrified Wraiths can now attack from Stone Form. If they do this, they will break out of it and gain a burst of speed for a very short duration, but slow down significantly after it expires. Very good for lunging style attacks.
    • Movement speed of the Reaper increased to Tier 0 from Tier -1.
    • Movement speed of the Crossbow decreased to Tier -2 from Tier -1.
    • Remade the Artemis.
      • Now uses the player models hands and looks less like electric crossbows (of which they were previously intended in concept) and appears far more mechanical, and larger. Also has a proper reload animation.
      • The fire rate of the Artemis has been doubled but the reload time is roughly twice as long, giving it more of a focus on burst fire.
    • Reverted the fire rate on the Glock from 0.35 to 0.3, but reduced the damage per pellet from 16.5 to 15.4, which keeps the DPS the same but reduces the ammo effectiveness.
    • Annabelle damage increased from 68.5 to 70.5.
    • Hunter damage decreased from 115 to 107.5. Did a bit too much damage for how fast you can potentially make it reload.
    • Long Arm damage decreased from 119 to 114. Minimum accuracy reduced from 1.5 to 1.65.
    • Quasar damage increased from 95 to 99.
    • Pipe and hook are now cheaper in worth.
    • Increased throwing delay of babies for the Giga Shadow Child.
    • The resupply value on crossbow bolts has been increased from 7 to 8, increasing how much you can start with worth also.
      • Artemis and the Impaler have had their damage decreased to keep the same resupply damage total as they had before (so they don’t gain any profitablity, they lose a bit of DPS.)
      • This should boost the power of lower tier crossbow weapons slightly.
      • Zeus remains unchanged (you’ll always resupply 4 shots of Zeus instead of 3.5 now, since it uses 2 ammo).
    • Swapped the worth values of the Peashooter and the Z9000.
    • Increased the reload speed on the Slinger by roughly 10%.
    • Increased the damage of the Crackler from 15 -> 15.25.
    • Removed recoil from the Oberon.
    • Renamed Targeting Locus trinket to Targeting Assist, and the trinket now shows an indicator of the zombie health if you’re looking at the zombie, above their heads. Does not work on Wraiths.

    Other Changes

    • Glass Bottles and Ladels on maps are now usable weapons, if a little makeshift.
    • The Medic gun now displays a warning if dart healing is blocked by the Frail debuff.
    • Fixed being able to pick up objects with a temporary owner (like meathooks).
    • Added a 2nd “body text” font to ZS - Remington Noiseless, used in several large body texts. Class descriptions in F3 for zombies use it, as well as the new arsenal menu.
    • Compressed zombie volunteer listing.
    • Split off Reinforced Hull into a new skill called Stable Hull. Stable Hull has the protection against controllables from having high speed impacts, whilst Reinforced Hull no longer has this. Stable Hull carries a 20% penalty to controllable speed. It is connected to the Drone unlock skill and Reinforced Hull.
    • Disabled the deletion of brushes that set health to silly values, this can be handled by a map manager, to ensure maps work.
    • Made the side menu scale better to differing screenscales.
    • Made the damage resistance font a bit bigger since it’s a significant factor in gameplay.
    • Grenades and flash bombs no longer collide with zombies.
    • Made it so Chem Burster auras aren’t quite as opaque, moved up the position of the gas particles slightly.
    • Chem Burster auras won’t show when they have spawn protection.
    • Added a Slinger random loadout.
    • Added Ladle, Pot and Frying Pan to the arsenal crate.
    • Aura ranges are now constant in ZE, and larger so the zombies always know where the humans are in that case.
    • Added a notification for when a boss is defeated/slain with a sound.
    • The notification for a boss spawning now uses the class kill icon.
    • Added some slight randomisation on the boss spawning sound.
    • Various weapon descriptions added.
    • Added scaling to scoreboard. The scoreboard now appears faster upon pressing tab.
    • Reworked the variant selection system. A small variant indicator appears showing the variant below the class. Clicking it will instantly rotate the class selector above it, with a very quick animation. Should be less clunky than before.
    • Petrified Wraith no longer forces third person in stone form.
    • Changing interface size now rescales scoreboard.


    • Fixed zombie claw double hitting bug.
    • Removed unnecessary skill triangles in the skill tree.
    • Fixed fists and fist weapons not working with glass weapons or last stand.
    • Potentially fixed cases where players would get a random loadout when connecting instead of their default cart.
    • Fixed manhack mode not allowing you to see other players target IDs.
    • Fixed melee weapons with high damage having really high blood splat force.
    • Fixed medical guns not being affected by the Frost status.
    • Fixed Cool Wisp not giving points.
    • Fixed weapons with custom view model bone adjustments causing weapons switched to later without bone adjustments to not have these reset.
    • Fixed a bug with ghoul touch damage credits in the post game.
    • Fixed resupply cache issue.
    • Increased the delay between remantler presses and potentially fixed issues where two remantler windows could appear - one being unclosable.
    • Fixed unethical ghoul touch double dipping.
    • Fixed the blaster not doing the pump animation.

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