Appealing my Perm Mute

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  • @LooiC said in Appealing my Perm Mute:

    Good bye my children ;)

    leave and never come back autist

  • is this conversation still happening lol

  • @LooiC said in Appealing my Perm Mute:

    Look how many of you guy’s I pissed of by just giving you some public criticism.
    I don’t think I am the one who is crying xD

    Not even reading my post. 0/10

    Wow you’re entire staff team sounds like a bunch of 9 year old kids.
    You obviously do not know what you have done with by your actions.
    Sadly I had to inform all of my friends about how little criticism you guy’s can handle.

    Still not reading my post. And we literally don’t care. Jetboom built ZS, he receives complaints literally 24/7, some from idiot children on other servers that want him to help “fix the gamemode for my donations server”.

    I wont even go further and post more after this post. I am out of this childreen-club of yours.

    Once again, OK, bye!

    If you guys want to offend people for what they like then, that is your thing but that wont last for long if so.
    Again I did not defend that guy. All did was giving you guy’s an open and serious hint about a staff team should NOT talk about people like you do.

    still not reading my post where i state we’ve been banning bronies since 2011.

    I know, most bronies are wierd and creepy. But honestly people. YOU ARE NO DIFFERENT if you keep doing what you are doing here. Remember my words if you dare too. I dont give a crap about what you call me or think about me. But You have just wasted over 893 possible donations , because I will warn my friends and their friends of you.

    So banning people we don’t like is the same as jacking off to cartoon horse beastiality? ok then buddy, sure thing. Also “over 893 possible donations” lmao what. I bet maybe a tenth of your friends even play nox and of those, maybe a twentyth have considered donating. Do you even realize there’s a special snowflake brony ZS server?

    Even if that topic is banned, you could have handeld that more professional than just going nuts on one person.

    Gmod servers where the average age is 14-15? Professionally? You’ve gotta be joking, or something. Not even garry, when he was working on gmod, handled his community professionally.

    Also oh look you actually read my post! Except you proceed to call everyone children because we banned the topic. So basically you didn’t read it.

    Oh and one more thing to the “nice” owner. I am not “the” retard here :) …you smart boy ;P

    edit: maybe this was a bit much

    Once again, okay, bye. [Maybe you should take it to someone who has a chance of caring.](edit out link)

    @Carrie said in Appealing my Perm Mute:

    is this conversation still happening lol

    No, first someone made a post with an mlpita avatar which got their punishment extended and worsened, then their friend decided to cry about it. Topic should’ve been locked after doctordrew’s post.

  • commandhat :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:

  • @ritzbits

    Only reason I know of that community is they managed to get several entire subreddits banned and mdoerators shadowbanned, with the reason being they disliked the subreddit topics. It’s almost as bad as The_Donald.

    Links edited out, either way, because that was going too far.

  • This post is deleted!

  • It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a good one.

  • @West-Nile what

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