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[ZS]Changeable spawn point

  • Make the ability to switch between spawn points on the maps if more than one. Reloading does not always work to change the spawn, so if the spawn camping, then it is impossible to go out and kill a couple survivors. Hurt and enraged that the ability to change the spawn point in the nest, it is impossible to do the same with the spawn points of the map, especially when one of the spawn camping survivors, and the other is idle in the shuffle.

  • I second this.
    Bim’s point is important, once a nest is established the r spawn effectively becomes the only option, the main spawn cannot effectively be used.

    Time and time again on maps where there are more than two gas spawns it can be frustrating with the lack of choice and suicide become the only option to get a better spawn.

    There have been occasions where a nest has been set up in near a vunerable but unguarded Barricade. But as the default spawn is decided by proximity to the most humans, the ability to quickly change nests can only be achieved destroying another nest even if the nest is decent. This cannot always be achieved as the nest cannot always be destroyed.

    It also seems bizarre to me that when you change spawn with the right click and select a target it starts going into spectator mode of players. Surely a different button could be used for that fuction.

    TLDR Changing spawns should be simpler. Zombies should have manual control of their spawns if they need it.

    I’d like a discussion of this.

  • Very much agreed and planned for (long before this was suggested). No discussion needed.

    Any nest or zombie spawn should be viable for spawning at all times.