[ZS] Magnet's drawback

  • Rework Magnet. Despite its low price of 10 points, it is not often buy. It works, but how? It pulls everything in sight and it’s not nice. It never matches the properties of the magnet, especially when a lot of items is less than 10 cm from your location behind the wall, because it does not attract them through the wall. Also, there is another drawback with things that can be rolled. Often, they roll to the magnet and at the same time roll the wall and continue rolling to continue even if the action of the magnet passed.

  • Can’t understand what you’re saying at all except maybe the magnet needs reworking.

  • Dude. Get somebody who speaks English and whatever your native language is well to write your posts for you. It’s possible these are good suggestions but nobody can understand anything except for the very basic concept you are talking about.

  • I think it’s something along the lines of:
    Rework the magnet, even though it is 10 points it isn’t bought often. The way it works doesn’t seem to function the way a normal magnet works, it only works on line of sight and not through walls. The proper way a magnet works is they will keep being pulled and when they reach a wall, attempt to move towards the magnet even without line of sight.

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