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[ZS] Zapper idea

  • Despite the fact that the zapper beats electrocution, it attacks only one goal, and the damage seems, is 30. I have a proposal to make it more useful, and its work more, shall we say, fair. If it hits an electric current, let the lightning strikes all through whom passed (it will be useful if that moment the barricade going to more than one zombie) or the attacks up to 2-3 targets at once, and if it allows mechanics, for example with a + 100% consumption of ammunition by one strike and possibly damage reduced by 12-16%.
    PS .: At times, watching the work of the zapper becomes ridiculous that from of whole crowd of zombies electric shock 20-30 damage (damage ridiculous) takes only one zombie, or even headcrab / lurker.

  • What? What? I have no idea what this is trying to even say.

    I think he’s asking for the zapper to hit multiple zombies at a time but increase the ammo cost.