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[ZS] Suitzoom phase message

  • Many new players end up either trapped inside cades or die outside because they don’t know how to get through nailed props. I expect some of new players that die outside cades end up rage quitting then never coming back to ZS.

    My suggestion is to display a message at the bottom of a player’s screen if he or she is both next to or very near a nailed prop and is below level 5 (maybe lower than level 5 because they will have probably learnt how to do this by then).

    The message could read something like:

    “Press %SUITZOOM% key to phase through barricades”

  • +Support

    ZS has a constant stream of noobs, a little bit of tutorialization wouldn’t hurt.

    Ideally it would be very large possibly red text accompanied by a sound cue to make it obvious the game is trying to teach the player.

    The system could be a bit more intelligent though, perhaps make the message appear until the player has successfully phased through a prop 20 times or so instead of the level 5 cap.

    The server can already detect when new players join so I imagine this could be simple enough to implemented.

    Another thing ZS has a sizable learning curve, so little prompts like that can help ease people in text props like “Use the Arsenal Crate to Buy new weapons” in between waves whilst pointing it out to the player making it blatantly obvious what the crate is, what it looks like, That sort of thing.

    Think of it like Left 4 Dead when you first play it with the tutorials.