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Lets work on post just for people who like to get better at cading.

  • Tell us the mindsets of you a pro cader so we can get better!

  • Try and make cades headcrab proof. This is very important on wave 4 because poison headcrabs can do massive amounts of damage to humans if they aren’t killed quick.

  • Be sure to make it so no props are sticking out of the doorway or entrance.

    If they are, it makes it exceedingly easier for the zombies to bust the cade down.

  • You can create a layer by sticking out some props:
    All those board packs and stick props from junkpack can be used as a layer if you stick them out
    You can use chairs to stick them out of the cade

    Nailing props to props is okay
    Repeal and replace those props that are about to break by unnailing them and sticking them outside the cade

  • If Sally McSaggytits and / or Giraffe are around chances are you’ll probably win (if it isn’t an unwinnable map for humans)

    I saw this one interesting cade idea at Rip Club once, there was the regular cade, but outside the regular cade was like a “minefield” of props. Like a bunch of toy block props that were outside that wouldn’t let the zombies touch the main cade without having to jump over the blocks or destroy them. Pretty effective, zombies got to the main cade around 5 or 6 i think and had all the blocks completely destroyed by 6. Probably the only cade noobs can do, although you’ll need a fuckton of small props over a hallway probably. If you’re a noob just let the trusted vets do the work.

  • I saw that same shit on that western map that has a sewer tunnel.

  • I’ve got a couple of points I could share to help people learning to barricade.

    1: Use the level geometry to your advantage when trying to position props.
    Pushing a prop into a 90 degree corner and nailing it can help get a straightened out prop making precise barricades possible.

    2:Focus on making barricades that keep zombies out and can allow people to shoot out.
    Don’t get too worked up on keeping headcrabs out the priority is keeping the zombies from crouch jumping into the barricade and allowing people ample room to shoot.

    Once you’ve done that see what you can do to prevent headcrabs without giving up too much shooting room.

    3: Nailing props to other props is generally a bad idea as when one prop breaks unless the other prop it’s nailed to is also nailed to level geometry they’ll both fly off.

    I can think of two circumstances in which props to prop nails are ok

    One if you’re looking to get extra barricade health by placing more nails

    Two if you have a ceiling that’s particularly high, it’s not a bad idea to nail a prop to the ceiling to get it lowered down for another prop to be placed over the top of an entrance that may otherwise be difficult to barricade.

    4: Try to move the barricade props back from the entrance being blocked.
    This is to create a small amount of space forcing the zombies to move closer to the barricade to attack than if it were flush against the door/window.

    The distance is ideally half a foot away from the entrance, it’s enough to stop the zombies from walking straight in but also creates a small gap between the door/window and the barricade

    The gap can help save a second or two from one zombie attacking the barricade but those seconds can add up after repeated attacks.

    5: The main thing about ZS is time, and trying to stall until wave 6 every little thing about your barricade matters when it comes to holding off the zombies.

    Try to think of a use for every single prop you can find, but don’t put them all onto the one barricade, more props doesn’t make the barricade stronger.

    It’s better to use props to create different lines of barricades, ideally you’d have a front-line say near Zombie Spawn. A middle line which would be the next barricadable entrance after the spawn cade falls. Repeat middle cades as they become possible with props and choke points.

    6: Unlock the repair beacon, the repair beacon is often overlooked as a deployable but it can be extremely useful when implemented correctly.
    The repair beacon when placed correctly can repair every single prop in it’s radius

    This includes props that may be out of reach of a hammer or are risky to repair without taking a hit from zombies. The repair beacon even gives you points and can repair some deployables such as manhacks, if you have a pulse weapon like the starter Z9000 pistol you can easily keep the repair beacon running from the resupply.

    7: When you become adept at barricading buy all the returns you can from the perk selection.

    Sure they don’t look good, lose 30 speed, lose 30, hp bleed on hit, get knocked down on hit, can’t buy weapons until half-way through wave 3 and palsy can essentially be a death sentence to anyone outside the barricade

    But since you’re the guy who’s barricading you’re probably most likely going to be inside the barricade at all times building and maintaining it.

    So the extra worth and point income can become really useful especially when combined with the repair beacon’s point income your hammer’s repair incoming and any zombies you might end up shooting with your Z9000

    The biggest threat to someone using all returns inside the barricade is The Tickle Monster boss besides actual zombies breaking in and cadehumping

    If tickle spawns as a boss it probably means you have a really good barricade in a not so good position if tickle can find a way to exploit his long arms without taking damage attacking.

    8: Make sure you check all your sigils when you’re barricading.

    If a sigil is in a horrible position like, out in the open, a place that is just difficult to barricade or even just a crappy defensive position can really limit your choices in barricading.

    It’s better to just barricade the best sigil you can find, there’s no point polishing a turd if you’re not great at barricading. Some players can make mediocre sigils into great barricades if they have front cades and middles.

    Some sigils are so bad they might not even be able to have front and middle cades.

    9: Communicate with your team, tell them where you’re going to be be barricading and if you need any essential deployables like an arsenal crate, resupply or even a player with a medkit.

    Being able to identify weak props that can potentially break and then let zombies in should be pointed out to alert everyone of the potential danger of a line break.

    Doing this can allow people to get ready and pack up their deployables and fall back.
    As I’ve noted up before ZS is a game about stalling for time. It’s best to call the fallback at the last possible moment so you can get the most amount of stalling time.

    This is different for deployables since they take time to pack. Tell players to
    "Pack & Fall Back is different to telling everyone to fall back.

    You usually want to tell people to Pack when the barricade is at 50% HP with no repair left and a total fallback at 20-30% depending on how confident you are in people’s abilities to move.

    10: Remember: Zombie Survival is a game about stalling for time. The clock is your enemy the best way to fight it is to find any little way to stall.

    Barricades are one of the primary ways of stalling but there are others that you may be able to figure out yourself someone mentioned above having a jungle gym of small props for zombies to jump over is a way of delaying zombies from hitting the barricade.

    The small gap I’ve mentioned can buy a split second or two before a zombie hits the barricade. It might only be a split second, but that adds up as zombies attack.

    If it takes 0.5 seconds longer to walk up to a barricade it’ll make the zombies have to spend 5 seconds longer walking over the course of 10 attacks.

    It may seem silly to be worrying about the small little amounts of time you can try steal but end of the day you don’t want to give the clock the advantange, it is very possible to die in the last 10 seconds because of a final barricade failure.

    Thank you for reading I hope this helped

    -Sneaky a.k.a TheSeriousSoul

  • @Sneaky One thing to add here, you don’t need a pulse weapon to get pulse ammo for the repair beacon. Hold down alt and look at the lower right of your screen, you can pick what ammo you get from resupply crates.

  • @realbisousbisous Yes, I do know that you can do that, but it’s usually best to be using the pulse weapons alongside the deploayble, so your offensive and defensive capabilities come from the same resupply source.

    Pulse weapons are really under-rated in terms of how effective they are, they are extremely nuanced however which is what makes people less attracted to them.

    The Pulse Shotgun is an amazing example of being able to maintain both your repair field and deal damage to zombies since it consumes one unit of pulse ammo whilst dealing spread damage

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