[NOT A GAME] Pathfinder Humble Bundle

  • I’m sure at least one or two people from this forum might actually be interested.


    Essentially, you pay $whatever and get a number of PDFs (and sometimes comics) that are meant to be used to play Pathfinder. Even the comics they include have maps meant to be scanned and printed onto larger paper to be used in D&D sessions.

    I’ll include the tiers here so you dont read for a few hours just to find out what’s in it:

    :arrow_down: $1

    • Digital Beginner’s Box (A character sheet and simple ruleset)
    • Core Rulebook (You need this to GM any Pathfinder game)
    • Campaign: Fires of Creation ( Iron Gods Story Book 1)
    • Campaign: Lords of Rust (Iron Gods Story Book 2)
    • Pathfinder Main Comics #1-12 (Comics based on a game of Pathfinder – Humble includes maps from the physical comics)
    • Pathfinder Side Comics: Goblins #1-5 (Comics based around the Goblins of Pathfinder - No maps in this one)

    :arrow_down: $8

    • Pathfinder Strategy Guide (Useful for those starting out in Pathfinder, gives tips on character creation and levelling)
    • Campaign: The Choking Tower (Iron Gods Story Book 3)
    • Campaign: Valley of Brain Collectors (Iron Gods Story Book 4)
    • Campaign: Palace of Fallen Stars (Iron Gods Story Book 5)
    • Player Companion: People Of The Stars (Rules to play some of Pathfinder’s alien races)
    • Comic: Worldscape #2 (Humble includes maps from the physical comic)
    • Three Battle Maps (Created for the bundle… Unfortunately Humble chose to have the maps previewable thus negating the entire reason for putting them at the $8 bundle)

    :arrow_down: $15

    • Campaigns, Plural: Year of the Demon (27 campaign books… Warning, these are written for Pathfinder Societies which is complex)
    • Campaign: The Divinity Drive (Iron Gods Story Book 6, Final)
    • Pathfinder Ultimate Campaign (Essentially a sidequest book, contains rulesets for things like starting a village or business, leading armies against each other, and so on)
    • Pathfinder Beastiary (320 pages of monsters created for use with Pathfinder)
    • Campaign Setting: Technology Guide (a GM rulebook for using Pathfinder in a sci-fi setting)
    • Campaign Setting: Distant Worlds (a GM rulebook for using Pathfinder with alien planet exploration)
    • Comic: Red Sonja Volume 2 #1-6 (no maps included)
    • Comic: Thun’Da #1-5 (no maps included)
    • Comic: Warlord of Mars #1-9 (no maps included)
    • Comic: Lords of the Jungle #1-15 (apparently “uncensored”, no maps included)
    • Comic: Hollow Mountain #1-6 (Maps included)
    • Various Pathfinder Comic Posters (Included as PDFs. Hope you have a poster printer just sitting around!)

    And if you pay $25 you also get physical comics shipped to you. Written for Humble Bundle exclusively. Some of them contain maps.

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