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[ZS]Minor change to boss selection to fix bad boss picks

  • Banned

    Boss selection should be changed so that there is no default boss, instead candidates must go into the boss select menu and pick which boss they would want for that wave. If they do not select a boss, it instead goes to the runner up, if they don’t select either the next runner up, etc.

    • This would also require adding some text below the big red “YOU GOT BOSS” text. Something along the lines of “Press F3 and pick what boss you will spawn as”.

    • As for other zombies, below the “BlaBla is boss” line, they would get a “but press f3 and pick a boss anyway, you might get it” line.

    • Another option would be to display “BlaBla hasn’t selected a boss, press f3 and pick a boss to become the boss instead” for the runner up

    This would fix:

    • terrible players getting boss via circumstance, picking NM as default and dying within 5 seconds

    • afk players getting picked as boss

    • generally any situation where a player gets boss, and does not possess the bare-minimum amount of knowledge or intellectual capability to use it (pressing F3/basic reading comprehension)

  • Is it because you lost boss to an AFK person

  • Banned

    lol no, i probably wasn’t the second candidate in that case, i wasn’t trying to be boss that wave.

  • I think adding padding to your walls and floor to avoid further damage to your house would be a better idea.

  • @buggy How about a mini game where whoever punches their wall the hardest gets boss