EFT 2016 update

  • @JetBoom i like the upcoming update, especially the regenerating fast when getting hit. going to be nice update.

  • @Chief-TuK-TuK said in EFT 2016 update:

    i like the updates listed, don’t really have a problem with any of them.

    also about 2 months back, Later_Gator, lilzzfla and i compiled a document containing some ideas (some correlate with yours) that would be nice additions for EFT.

    I have no idea what that meter system is trying to say.

    I suggest having a sort of two button DDR. You have timed prompts that drop down from the top of the screen, with the frequency getting faster the longer the struggle lasts. There’s a tug of war bar that moves to one players side as they land more “perfects” than the other. You win if you fill it to your side or if the other person gets a single miss.

  • The current powerstruggling system is paramount… It’s about speed plus accuracy and creates a very reasonable skill barrier to the game, making some better at it than others, ie. Verctexius. There are tactics you can use to approach the initial powerstruggle as well. I think, and I’m certain others think this is unnecessary to change, as speed+accuracy creates a natural skill bar.

    Other than that, the new update is appreciated.

  • The current system is very affected by cmdrate and is easily scriptable because there’s only a small amount of permutations. DDR would be worse.

  • Banned

    @Velox It’s simply a meter with a moving needle. The colored sections indicate different point values, with red being the biggest area and least points; yellow being decently sized and valued; green being the smallest area and most points. Granted, it probably wasn’t illustrated the best (which was a bit of a challenge to say the least), but I think it’d be a better system than what we currently have. It can’t be scripted and requires quick reflexes.

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    @JetBoom Could I also suggest a timer put on ball resets to deter ball spawn camping? i.e. a player resets the ball instantaneously, but it would take the ball three seconds before it actually respawns. Could look something like “Ball reset” and then “Ball respawning in 3 seconds”

  • I mean that’s part of the game.

  • Something I would like to see added as far as mapping goes, is something like a func_no_ball_zone entity.

    This would be used to block the ball from going where it shouldn’t go, but still allowing players to go through it. If the player holding the ball tries to go through it the ball should drop to the ground.

    Maybe there’s already a way to do this and I’m just not aware of it?

    In my case, I would use this in eft_soccer and surround the field with this entity so players can’t just cheaply throw the ball into the stands when the ball is near their own goal. I use an entity like this in the TF2 version of soccer and it works great. Maybe there’s some way to port it over?

    Ball clipping entity video

  • The ball resets if it touches water. If you want to make the stands reset the ball, a lazy fix would be to cover them in a 5 unit wide layer of water with a nodraw texture on it.

  • @commandhat said in EFT 2016 update:

    The ball resets if it touches water. If you want to make the stands reset the ball, a lazy fix would be to cover them in a 5 unit wide layer of water with a nodraw texture on it.

    That’s actually what I’m trying to avoid. People throwing the ball into the stands as a cheap way of defending their own goal. I was hoping there was a way to do it like in the video I posted up above. I guess the best course right now is just to use a regular world brush with nodraw around the stands.

  • What became of this update?

  • Started an update. Done when it’s done.


    • Player collision system reworked. Designed to improve game flow and get rid of dead stops against other players.
      • Now have three modes: normal, pass through, and avoid.
      • Normal is default collision.
      • Pass through is no collisions with other players.
      • Avoid is same as pass through but will push slow moving players away from each other.
      • Pass through is triggered on knock down, wall pin, dive tackling, charging, etc.
      • Avoid is triggered when getting back up.
      • Normal is triggered when the conditions for avoid or pass through are done and no enemies are in bounding box.
    • Players are further immune to knockdown if they are repeatedly hit by different players in a short time. So there’s individual immunity as well as global. Prevents body camping. The specifics on this are: Being knocked down by a source that can trigger indivudal immunity (currently punch, charge, tackle, beat down stick, and big pole) will push a clock ahead 1 second. The clock decreases over time 1:1. If the clock is ahead by 2.25 seconds, trigger 3.75s of global knockdown immunity from the above sources, from any player.
    • Players now slow down when hitting the ground by 15%. Prevents bunny hopping.
    • Crouching is no longer possible in the air but jump height has been increased to compensate.
    • Enabled charging while in the air. Players on the ground have priority regardless of speed. If both players are in the air then a mutual knockback occurs with no power struggle, regardless of speed. Vertical speed is not taken in to consideration while in the air.
    • Health now regenerates much quicker. The delay before regeneration starts has been reduced from 5s to 1s and the rate has been increased from 2/s to 8/s. Trigger hurts and big damage will still knock people out but there will be less knock outs from dog piles.
    • Touching the ball while dive tackling (not while already grabbing a player) will pick the ball up and return to running once you hit the ground, making it a risky way to intercept or race for the ball. A 50% speed reduction will be incurred when hitting the ground.
    • Players now spawn according to distance from the ball spawn. Unoccupied spawns FURTHEST take priority.
    • An indicator now appears above a team score when a player from that team has the ball.
    • Attacks with the Melon Driver and Arcane Wand can be canceled with right click.
    • Fixed beating stick and big pole always triggering knockdown immunity globally instead of per player.
    • Improved rendering of HUD.
    • Limited team swaps to 2 per match. Rejoining will not reset this. Can no longer swap teams if it would make the teams unbalanced. The only limitation to switching teams when eft_competitive >= 1 is a 5 second timer.
    • Camera zoom in speed for arcane wand has been increased.
    • Beatdown Stick can now hit the ball.
    • Players no longer have to stop moving to begin a throw.
    • Speed when underwater increased and you can now attack underwater.
    • Players can now move slowly when swinging or charging some weapons as well as punching.
    • No longer get a boost in the direction you’re moving if you get up while in mid air.
    • Allowed players to walk on enemy heads.
    • Fixed timing on punching so it lines up with the animation.
    • Fixed lag compensation allowing melee to hit further than normal for high ping players.

    Needs test

    • Added center screen notification system.

    Not done

    • Shift button has been changed.
      • When holding the ball it will do a short, quick underhanded toss. Movement buttons controls direction.
      • When not holding anything, will do the current functionality but not stop you in place.
    • Added a notification for when a team activates or deactivates rage/pity mode.
    • Trash bin will now “pop up” off a persons head instead of disappearing. Can deal damage on the way down too.

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