How to farm points

  • teach a noob how to farm points and how to get good

  • shoot zombies in head. use medkit. Done.

  • my aim and ping is too shit to shoot in the head

  • Get a savior and a hammer and start going Ham

  • Watch a lot of videos on the Cinema server.

  • get all debuffs, get like 4 starting guns, sit in the barricade and unload every shot you have before wave 2 ends.

  • unironically git gud

  • @realbisousbisous best reply

  • One method of getting a tier 2 by wave 2 is to get a debuff, buy a savior with med supplies and ammo and start healing anyone you see.

  • what about manhacks and drones i once got over 100 points with a manhack

  • Drones are really only useful on spread out maps, and before wave 3. You can carry props with it, and pull supplies over to the base (including nails and hammers given to AFKs, as well as the arsenal box at the start of the game if nobody bought one). But at wave 3, fast zombies unlock, and it’s a matter of if your prop is smaller then a fast zombie’s hull, and people can take it without opening up a hole for a fast zombie.

    Also I tried point farming with a drone and the gun on it is absolute ass. It didn’t match with where the laser was pointing in my experience and I only got one kill out of the 900 potential damage its starting ammo has due to how shit the aiming on the drone is.

  • Probably because it isn’t lag compensated

    Either way you’re meant to get the most points by shooting zombies. Everything else is far safer or less resource intensive.

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