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Add your own custom image and sound emotes

  • You can send me .png/.jpg/.gif (chat emotes) and .ogg/.mp3/.wav (sound emotes) directly by e-mail. I will approve them and you can send me directly paypal or keys after that.

    Static images

    Make sure your image is a square and not ginormous. 64x64 is fine. Make sure it looks fine on both a dark and light background (smooth transparency on the edges).
    Price: $1.00

    Animated images

    Same rules. Be especially careful on the file size.
    Price: $2.00


    Should be 44.1khz mono. No square waves, noise, super offensive stuff, etc.
    Price: $2.00

    E-mail: [email protected]

  • Banned

    How long should the audio be at maximum?

  • Sounds must be 5 seconds or less in length.
    No noise, square waves, music, or extremely offensive material.
    Must have a text trigger that makes sense. Text triggers may be changed if they are too short, misspelled, or would trigger during normal conversation.
    Suggested format: OGG Vorbis, Mono, 44.1khz (other formats such as WAV or MP3 are supported but will be converted)

  • Since gif emotes are possible now I’m accepting these again.

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