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Introduction and questions

  • Since I see nowhere better to do it, I suppose I’ll make an intro thread here. Have some questions anyway.

    So hello. I’ve been playing on here for a month or 2 now, never really played before because I didn’t enjoy the hectic 40+ player ZS, but I’ve come to like it. It’s taking a while for me to get any better, but it’s coming along.

    Anyway, some questions I had.

    1. What are some tips for playing support? (medic or anything else) I try running medic but unless I don’t get a gun and get the extra medpower instead I always run out really fast. Also, is the med gun or medkit better in the long run?

    2. I seem to have a really hard time aiming in this server. I can’t explain why. I aim perfectly fine in other gamemodes, I can aim perfectly fine in other games, and I can aim perfectly fine in ZS with FAS weapons but for some reason, I have a really hard time hitting stuff with the default ZS weapons. Am I doing something wrong or are they just inaccurate? And yes I did just get Focus, did make it a bit better.

    3. What are some tips for getting points more reliably? With medic, I can usually make it to a tier 3 with enough to buy ammo sustainably, but never past that and that’s with not buying anything else, not even a Glock. I’ve only made it to tier 5 once and it was on a slaughter round, zombies didn’t get a single sigil and most of the humans were still alive. I have palsy and late buyer, and I’m about to unlock hemophilia. I have wide load but I can’t seem to adapt to playing with it well enough and it just gets me killed.

    4. Is there a list of craftables anywhere? I know some of them but I don’t know very many.

    5. Is there really a reason to remantle? It seems to give too little damage for starter weapons and it’s better to just move up tiers than buy more T2s.

    6. Is there any point in getting into GMod mapping at this point? I’ve considered it and somebody linked me some tutorials they used, but I haven’t really looked into it yet.

    7. Are the worthiness perks worth it?

    EDIT: Missed something: I seem to have randomly acquired 5 extra starting worth. I don’t know how, I just have 5 left over now. I didn’t get any new perks.

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    Hello there Omen!

    1. If you are not so keen on spawn camping but instead just play a “support” role as you put it I would suggest getting both arsenal and resupply crates and a medkit with some debuffs to afford all that.

    2. In my opinion it is just point and click, you will get the hang of it eventually

    3. Z9000 is probably the best starting gun in the game, I would highly recommend getting it if you plan on getting points by shooting the infected. It can give you a ton of starting ammo and it has a fairly good accuracy and a decent DPS. If you are not planning on shooting zombies just go medic or a cader. Personally I prefer cading because it gives a lot of points. Just ignore the elitists, who tell you to KYS just because you are cading in a manner not fit for their perfect little world, they are not the authority of the server. (and even if they were, everyone knows authorities just suck anyways, they lead to nothing else but obedience and lack of original thought which in turn only leads to mediocrity :P )

    4. I don’t think there is.

    5. Yes, remantler is a super fun gameplay mechanic. For example I personally love the ricochet magnum and the remantling mechanic just makes it all the more fun. Who would even want to have a spinfusor for 300 points when you can have a perfected magnum for 240 :D

    6. Sure.

    7. Yes, if you know how to get points. I, myself use only one worthiness perk at the moment but so far it has been worth it because I can get the loadout I want and it pays itself back on the first wave most of the time.

    And last but not least, have fun :)

  • I thought the Z9000 seemed like the best starter because it can basically sustain itself with nothing but a resupply but everyone seems to hate it and goes crackler instead. Thanks for assuring me.

    EDIT: BTW thanks Jetboom, totally missed this subforum.

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    @Omen267901 even majorities can be wrong :D 2016 is proof of that but lets not go into that

    Just use what feels the best to you, but my choice would be the Z9000

  • @Kolmio said in Introduction and questions:

    @Omen267901 even majorities can be wrong :D 2016 is proof of that but lets not go into that

    But you want to.
    End yourself :^)

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    @ReaM no lol I just wanted to point out that what the majority thinks is for the best is not necessarily so and the majority is not always right.

  • Is there really a reason to remantle? It seems to give too little damage for starter weapons and it’s better to just move up tiers than buy more T2s.

    You shouldn’t be remantling primarily if you want to get a strong weapon. You’re meant to use it to recycle weapons as you’re trying to accumulate said weapon. The bonuses from remantling are deliberately low for this reason, I wouldn’t want it to replace getting weapons from higher tiers.

    1. If you have some ideas that you think would work or create a fun and interesting map to play on then why not. Disclaimer though, you will spend many, many hours making a ‘good’ map rather (especially as a first since you’re learning a lot) than a gimmicky piece of shit. The best person to start learning from is TopHattWaffle on YouTube, maybe just watch an introduction video and see if it’s your thing.

  • @RealSlimHaydy

    I sorta got started. This is about all I’ve done.
    alt text

    I’m currently following a different tutorial but I might check out TopHatt.

    1. Yeah, after learning hammer editor you can quickly switch to stuff like 3ds max/unreal/etc. I suggest you to decompile maps and check how they work, you can try fixing them(on top of videos/tutorials). EXPECT a lot of errors and frustration. Just DO NOT plagiarize without a permission.

    @Kolmio yet you show everyone that you want to talk about it. Stop.

    Edit: Also do not shit maps with “LOL I AM A MAPPER MOM”. Quality > quantity.

  • @Raox

    Heard from a ZS vet that the only weapon worth remantling is a medkit / savior medic gun if you’re lucky enough to find another one on the ground.

  • @Yung-Dave said in Introduction and questions:


    Heard from a ZS vet that the only weapon worth remantling is a medkit / savior medic gun if you’re lucky enough to find another one on the ground.

    You can’t do this. That would make healing too easy. Only things you can remantle are most guns and some melee weapons.

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    Funny, considering how it is you bringing it up all the time and yet you still tell me that I should stop.

    1. Survival is resource management. If you heal/shoot indiscriminately, you will run out of stuff quickly, by design.

    2. it’s because this is the source engine that was never made for competive multiplayer. for all the veterans, the jankiness if a big part of the charm. firstly, this game uses hitboxes, which are not the same as the vertices of the model that you see walking around, HOWEVER animations will move the hitboxes as well (you can load up a local multiplayer game and type
      bot_mimic 1
      and make the bot a zombie to see this firsthand.
      The two biggest factors here are Frames Per Second and experience playing the game as a slayer. For reference, one of our savant slayers complains of 60 FPS being too jittery.

    4ю gascan/oildrum=explosive barrel
    explosive barrel/sledgehammer = megamasher
    butcher’s knife/axe = kongol axe
    axe/sawblade = sawhack
    sawblade/manhack = manhack Saw Attachment
    small crate/small crate = large crate
    hammer/car battery = electrohammer
    Breen bust/plank = bust-on-a-stick
    and I guess a glock and battleaxe make a waraxe now

    6ю As with anything else that’s primarily entertainment, you do it if it amuses you. As with anything else that is a craft, you learn through imitation of the masters. For GMod, you use bspsrc and pakrat to learn and larceny.

    1. I think you can use your own judgement as to what skills you want. We don’t know if it’s “Worth it” for you because we don’t know if you play to earn the ZS Champion title, or if GMod is what you load up when you’ve been drinking. If it’s the former, get all the skills, a medkit, a repairfield, and AFK inside a sigil. If it’s the latter, get whatever skills make the game more fun for you.