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[WIP] zs_derelict_marina [Continuous updates - 15Dec16]

  • Hi all,
    Launched gmod for the first time in a while and got keen on mapping again so here’s a couple of days here and there work on Derelict Marina. It’s really early on so very limited other than the bare bones have been done (mind the shitty environment lighting and quick in game photos).


    Land Side
    View of the land side

    Marina side building layout
    View or marina side

    Looking back toward land side.
    Alt view of land side

    Ultimate aim for the map:

    • Have large open and small dense spaces for varying play styles.

    • Balance barricading areas with positives and negatives to each.

    • Increase difficulty as time goes on with map features such as breaking boardwalk sections to limit movement and have lighting failures at random intervals to limit human vision. And just increasing maneuverability of zombies by providing ladders and access from the water.

    • Put the right number and types of props in the level for successful barricading.


    • Basic layout reasonably set, started on internals of buildings today.

    • Few items textured to play around with ones that might suit the theme, rest is dev.

    • Looking for feedback and ideas to improve the map. I’m by no means a professional and learning as I go.

    Feedback and general ideas and comments are welcomed immensely! Will keep updated as I get through making it.

    As of 13Dec16

    Finished drafting all building interiors on marina. Includes: 1 double story restaurant, 2 cafes, 1 ice cream store, 1 various subway like thing, 1 art gallery, 1 information stand and marina store room, 1 nightclub and 1 conference room. Basic photos below.

    Day 4 - Building interiors drafted

    Day 4 - Building interiors drafted

    From here, I am going to finish basic features around the map and start texturing and modelling each of the buildings one by one.

    As of 15Dec16

    Spent the last couple of days doing optimisation prior to texturing and propping the level out (kill me).
    Added fog to the level and played with lighting a little more. Along with this worked on the externals for the sky box and surrounds of the map.
    Have pretty much fully textured the bathrooms out on the land side to start with. Images below:

    Inside male side, female side is same layout wise but varying props
    alt text

    Outside view
    alt text

    Rest of the images are in the album.

    Next up:
    Complete texturing and modelling and continue tweaks to optimisation and the look and feel of the map.


  • Banned

    add a drivable assault rover from rtp in the map

  • need enough props to make boats, some small props so zombies can propkill and a map gimmick.

    also explosive barrels, lots of them.

  • Looks good, looking forward to seeing how it turns out.

  • @West-Nile The gimmick is zombies spawn from Amphibious vehicles ala the opening scene of Saving Private Ryan