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[Almost Finished] zs_construction_v1

  • zs_construction_v1

    Imagine if a site was still being worked on but the human team just suddenly sweeps in and makes it into a survival ground against zombies, this is the type of map you get!


    Version 1 is almost out and I almost finished the map, well wait I can say its finished? I mean its still under construction. Uh, well I will just let you decide instead.

    Recent Screenshots:








    Recent Updates:

    Removed vent area! (Didn’t see the need for it until play testing is done first)
    Added new room, (Between DJ staircase and hallway close to DJ room) I saw one of the sigil spots because a full on hallway cade so I decided to make a new room to balance that part out.
    Added details to finished rooms.
    Added another room! Remember that first room with its boring closet and that vent? I expanded the closet into a much more large room.
    Updated the topic!

    Recent Notes:

    Probably should just cut the other update comments off.
    Add hallway decoration to second floor. (Not a real hallway but its more of a detail for the second floor)
    Raox and Scott said to make a custom gravestone so I should probably do it.
    Make another video showcase of the map probably.

  • Thank you.

  • By all means give it your all bud!

  • @Kurondaiku you’re*

  • add those red couches that are good for barricading

  • I made a hallway with a room by the right side of it now
    I named a lot of rooms though I still plan to add more rooms

    The names for the rooms that are “???” I have no clue what to name them, but you can suggest a name for these rooms if you want too.

    (The room named Shop Area was name that way because it look like a shopping center to me though it might change)

    @Ken said in [WIP] zs_construction:

    add those red couches that are good for barricading

    Sure, I will try find a place for those when I start doing prop placement.

    Also I was wondering what would be great spots for the zombie spawns to be placed at?
    Thanks for all the feedback!

  • @Flairieve

    I’ll leave room naming to someone else but looking at what you’ve got so far its a very close-knit map. Zombie spawns would work best towards outside rooms (rooms closer to the centre of it all might impact movement around the map) but I’m unsure of what you’ll add to the map in the way of rooms later so I can’t suggest anything specific, maybe the Shop Area or Hallway at current though, or even make a vent to spawn and drop out of?

  • @RealSlimHaydy

    Yea I will probably choose the zombie spawns after I finish all the other rooms because I still have to finish all the other rooms and then make more vents probably.

  • So far, this map looks like a part of a normal map. Make it 10 times bigger and then it will probably look decent.

  • Here’s a new screenshot of couple of new rooms!

    Boss Room isn’t actual a boss
    I have not found a place to put the DJ Room or zombie spawns at which I’m still accepting suggestions for any! There will be an outside area planned too!

  • If anyone was wondering, yes I’m still working on this map though I have not updated any progress but there is progress still going! Just to keep a heads up.

  • Added more rooms! (Yet Detail and Prop Placement is still not going to be done yet until I get the layout done)

  • Lighting is boring. Use light_spot (with very high Brightness) to direct player attention with cone lights and add env_sprites with Render mode set to World space glow/glow on the light sources. Most importantly, lights are usually tinted with color; usually a light yellow.

    Usually large abandoned buildings particulate matter in the air, you can illustrate this with env_ember, func_dustmotes, and a custom particle system.

    :saxophone: :thinking:

  • @FriskyPiranha44 I wasn’t working on this map for a while but this map is still in WIP and I’m still doing the layouts (I have not got back to working on the map yet) I was going to add light_spots too. Though for the screenshot I took, I had to cover the whole map with a skybox which caused lighting issues since light will cast from the skyblock texture (or entity) through the walls. I also had to turn off VIS temporary (Because I put a skybox around the map) just so it didn’t take hours to compile just for a development screenshot.

  • Oh I didn’t read the part about the air but yea I will consider that later to add in but for now I put zs_construction on hold and working on a quick fun map. (And actually to say this, the quick fun map I’m working on is based on the map that your working on)

  • I’m back to working on construction now


  • Another new screenshot of the update I did, you can tell since I added a few static props (which should be physical) some lights and a staircase that connects to the DJ control room.

    Since I’m 99% done with the layout of the inside, my next things to do for progress will be,

    1. Add physical props and not some static shelves!
    2. Add Red Couches!
    3. Add more vents!
    4. Make an outside because I forgot to in the first place!
    5. Pick the right spots for zombie spawns!
    6. Pick the right spots for sigils!
    7. After play test, find the strongest human points and try to weaken them a little bit! Because there kinda needs to be a balance too!
    8. Probably make some glass breakable? (Though for some would it just be… well let us call it bullet proof glass)
    9. After finished map detail it more later since this is my first map of course!
    10. Profit!?!?



  • I finally got done with all the doorframes! Took a lot of time to do that.
    Also here’s a video on what the map looks like right now.

  • Now I question, how am I going to even do the exterior? I either got to make loads of mess just to make the outside walls because I never done the outside first or I have to just only make it inside? Probably should consider pinching the corners together?

  • I got it all figured out now, for now I’m going to make a temporary outside thingy, also…




    Prop placement as began! (Only in sandbox just to see where I should place props in hammer editor!)

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