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The boss picking mechanic is bugged.

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    See the title. I don’t care what you say, it’s fucking broken. The shittiest kleiner player can get most player damage by virtue of having 2 active zombies on round start, and then keep boss for the entire round.

    As best as i can guess, doing stuff while a boss counts for more, or something. So if you get i dunno, 100 damage to humans, it counts for 300 or some shit. That’s the only way I can see it work. That is the only thing that could possibly explain how some people keep boss.

    Want some proof? Here’s a round I picked at random.
    About 1/3rd of that was during a single round. And yknow what? A kleiner got boss. Infact, a kleiner got boss for 6 waves. And no, that’s not the only example, this shit happens all the time.

    Don’t give me that get good bullshit. Yknow what, fine, maybe I’m not good.
    But the Kleiners sure as hell aren’t good either, and i’m not the only fucking person on the zombie team. They aren’t ALL worse than a fucking finnish guy who didn’t understand how the boss menu worked until we told him.

    Reply with whatever “lol mad” shit you want, this is a bug and the only thing you accomplish by saying that is letting a game-breaking issue persist longer. For fucks sake, fix it, and then call me a autistic faggot.

    Oh, and all of you have been zombies at some point, so if you’re so good, what’s your excuse for not getting boss instead of a kleiner?

  • 20% of barricade damage is counted also, not just human damage. Everything is working as intended.

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    kill you’re self

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    @Raox said in The boss picking mechanic is bugged.:

    20% of barricade damage is counted also, not just human damage. Everything is working as intended.

    I know that, and quite frankly I call bullshit. Even counting that, there is no way there isn’t some unforseen issue.

    And, even if there isn’t a issue. There is a fucking bug, but lets pretend there isn’t. Don’t you think it’s kinda bad design that damage done while boss counts towards next boss? Because bosses are ideal for doing damage to both barricades and humans, meaning it’s trivial to get 6 waves of boss unless you go Shade and be a shield monkey the entire wave. I can get 6 wave boss for fucks sake.

  • to kill the humans you must destroy the barricades

    20% of 4801 is 960 “human” damage. so he needs to do just 31 human damage to equal your total + whatever barricade damage you did (I assume little). It’s really simple.

  • u guna cwy?