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  • Anyone here like books?

    1. Do you find yourself reading more non-fiction or fiction?
    2. What genre do you find yourself gravitating towards? (For non-fic that’d mean science, philosophy, history, etc… For fiction that’d mean mystery, sci-fi, fantasy, etc…)
    3. What titles in specific have you enjoyed?
    4. What books have you seen that look interesting but you’re too lazy to read?

  • I used to read a lot since I have access to a huge book collection. They’re mostly sci-fi and fantasy so that’s what I got to read the most leaning more towards fantasy. The best I’ve read are series by Michael Moorcock specially the Eternal Champion series.

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    I mostly read non-fiction these days. Most recent fiction books I have read were probably 1984 and Brave New World few years ago but I never really cared about the story but the ideas behind the story so I switched to reading philosophy. I really enjoyed reading Popper’s The Open Society and Its Enemies, even though it had some parts I found problematic. Karl Marx’s Das Kapital was also fairly interesting.

  • My campus library has a fairly sizable non-fiction historical and historical art section, which i’ve been flipping through in my spare time. Italian renaissance and world war 1 era books have been the majority of what i’ve read so far. I’ve also been considering getting an audiobook subscription, but I haven’t looked into it at all so far.

  • Just finished reading When Google Met Wikileaks some days ago, p great and I recommend to everyone, I’m reading The Last Wish currently

  • starting strength by mark rippetoe latest vol, for real book books i spent scotlands drive reading mud sweat and tears by piss drinker bear grylls which was just morphine for the brain ugh

    youtube replaced learning books and it is disgusting

  • @JetBoom said in Books!:

    It’s on the wayyyyyy

    Also yes I wanted this badly but look at UK shipping fees omg

  • Maybe you could get somebody to cross ship it to you dunno why it’s so retarded.

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    Everything i’m currently in the progress of reading, non-fiction is by far my preferred choice when it comes to what I read, mostly fantasy or horror at that.

  • I like books that have this conceptualization of a utopia

    George Orwell’s 1984
    Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World
    Aldous Huxley’s Island

  • @Jacky said in Books!:

    non-fiction is by far my preferred choice […] mostly fantasy or horror at that.

    I don’t know, it sounds like you’re not reading enough.

  • @Benjy

    You caught me, I’ve been slacking in my readings. I would’ve finished all of those well by now had I’ve been reading as intensely as I used to.

  • @Kolmio
    What branch of philosophy have you been reading into? I prefer epistemology over the other four.

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    @Noumenon Mostly political philosophy but recently I have gotten more into epistemology after I started reading Bertrand Russell’s books .

  • @Kolmio
    Russel is an excellent choice! Here’s a cool moment of Russel countering an argument by George Berkeley.
    If you plan on continuing exploring epistemology, An Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke is sort of a necessity to have in your memory banks.

  • @Jacky, my favourite non-fiction horror is “Antenna Theory - Analysis and Design” by Balanis

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    @Noumenon So far I’ve only concerned myself with his political ideas so maybe I should give the book a go after I finish what I am currently reading.

    I should probably be more systematic with the order in which I read these things, right now I just read whatever I happen to stumble upon at a given time

  • Been reading a bunch of Remarque’s books since I received them as a gift some time ago. Naturally I started with All Quiet On The Western Front, then I continued with Three Comrades, Night in Lisbon, and I’m currently reading The Black Obelisk. After I’ve finished it, I’ll be starting Shadows in Paradise.

    So far I’m really enjoying his literature, and I’m thinking of buying The Road Back and Arch of Triumph since I’ve seen and heard good things about those books aswell.

  • @Kolmio
    What I’ve noticed is that philosophers write primarily in response to other philosophers. For example, Descartes became a shut in and wrote a bunch of stuff about dreams and wax. John Locke later wrote his own works in response to predecessor philosophers like Descartes. Then another philosopher takes the initiative to argue against Locke. Basically it was like a forum thread but with thousands of essays and full-length books. So there is a sense of chronology.

    That’s how I should have read philosophy. For me, I just had a concept in mind and read about that one in specific which led me to look into other concepts. Both reading paths work, just one might work a bit better…