[ZS] A Second Font for Interfaces/Arsenal Interface

  • I was wondering how people would feel about this.

    I feel like the current font for Zombie Survival right now, while it’s quite palatable and has a nice “theme” at larger font sizes, of which it’s basically fine for all the HUD elements, for smaller font sizes, commonly used in interfaces like the arsenal or the class selection it really has bad readability and the kerning between the letters becomes rather, at least to me, unpleasant.

    Basically the solution I’d be wanting to do for this is to make use of a 2nd font which is more readable but mainly used for smaller descriptions and these less seen interfaces. The main HUD would be generally completely the same and make use of Ghoulish Fright still.


    Was thinking something like this which is a bit of a throwback to the old font, but should generally keep in line with the theme. It’s 100% free like Ghoulish Fright (the current font) so there’s no issues there.

  • #

  • alt text

    The kerning is pretty bad for what I’m wanting to do with it.

  • Just stick to a modern font that doesn’t try too hard and is highly readable, that’s the first thing to keep in mind before trying to look for a ghoulish look, I used Marsmonster and TV Nord for some of my UI elements in some projects and it does the job you want excellently, both available in flexible weights

    Neo Sans also works great for UI elements and that’s what Valve used for Alien Swarm

  • @Sam-Za-Nemesis said in [ZS] A Second Font for Interfaces:

    Just stick to a modern font that doesn’t try too hard and is highly readable, that’s the first thing to keep in mind before trying to look for a ghoulish look, I used Marsmonster and TV Nord for some of my UI elements in some projects and it does the job you want excellently, both available in flexible weights

    Neo Sans also works great for UI elements and that’s what Valve used for Alien Swarm

    These are fonts you use if you game has no theme and/or you’re too lazy to come up with icons, animations, palettes and sounds that can convey the important information the player needs.

    The kill feed is a good example of that: you can read it if you want details but at a glance, you can easily see whether a human (blue) or zombie (green) died and whether the map (red), player (weapon icon) or sudoku (no attacker) killed them. When you see a lot of blue popping up on the right, you instantly know something’s wrong without paying any more heed to the feed than you need to. When you see a lot of green, there’s probably been a grenade or detpack which means you have some room to breathe.

    The thread, however, is about descriptive fonts. A good stylized font adds character to the game. Quick readability in this context is less of an issue given that the overhead for understanding text in a stylized font is near nil after processing a few words. The font posted above is not an example of a good font. The following examples, albeit not necessarily good for ZS, are easily readable despite being stylized:





  • https://forum.noxiousnet.com/topic/14293/publish-417-tentative-changes/49

    I’m wondering how people feel about this.
    I was going to consolidate worth spending, points spending, and the weapons database in to one menu. Additionally, you would now be able to “spend” worth instead of being forced to use it all at once. If you want to get an item, and you have worth for it, it will first deduct from the unused worth for that round. Items that can’t be purchased for worth will be hidden in the preround state. This also means that you could make carts with point items in them, for whatever reason.
    The menu would be a remake, not an extension to the current system and this would be done in a publish after 417.

    So I was thinking about how to construct this exactly, not sure about incorporating any of the gameplay changes itself exactly and just restricting worth to operating the same way it currently does, but keeping it to one menu.

    alt text

    Ignore the name change on the gun, just some old testing with weapon name lengths.

    You’d select a weapon in the menu worth menu on the side, and you’d get something like this to signify what you’ve selected, with the weapon description. I’d put the weapon stats underneath this too so you’d always have the read out, combining 3 menus into one. Notice I’ve used a 2nd font here for the description because I feel Ghoulish Fright AOE would need to be at a larger size to be nicely readable. But I’m open obviously to what font I also use here.

    Other things I’ve debated are changing the list of weapons/items to a grid instead of a list for when you’re selecting a weapon to appear on the right, which would help with compressing it in certain circumstances.

    This should better clarify some context with want I’m wanting to do.

  • Bumping this with what I’ve figured I’m going to do with the second font.

    alt text

    Work in progress here, but basically this is merging the weapons database into the arsenal menu. The second font I’ve used is because in this case if the description becomes long it’s a bit unpleasant to read. You can already kinda see how it is on the side with the point costs and the stock values for the weapons. It’s even worse on a smaller resolution (this is 1080p).

    So new things:

    • You SELECT a weapon from the left side and it’ll tell you the stats, ammo type it uses, other stuff etc. on the right side. The bars are rough indicator of how good said weapon is at something.
    • You can buy ammo from right side if it’s a gun, you don’t have to switch tabs.
    • Descriptions should be way more obvious. This especially prevalent with trinkets, a number of players aren’t always sure what they do, the tooltips are kinda small.

  • first of I just want to say i’m a BIG fan of this sever, and I really like the class for the reguler and boss zombie. thank you…

  • I would prefer the Purchase Weapon and Purchase Ammo buttons not being horizontally aligned. In the thick of things, it takes my brain a few seconds to read whether right or left is ammo. Maybe that’s just me.

  • I’ll let run it for a while, I think it could happen either way.

  • Now this is live, not that anyone has complained as far as I’m aware, but I’ll probably add an option to enable “quick-buying”, you’d buy as soon as you left click on the left side.

  • @Raox Double-click on a item to buy it would be a good idea.

  • @SlapaH03 quickbuy

  • @Raox Right clicking would be a good option as well.

    On an unrelated note, that smaller font is a little hard for me to read under the purchase button. I keep mistaking the 3s for 2s.

  • I will likely make it a right click, I believe it is possible.

    I am open to suggestions on the secondary font, but I believe it is an improvement over using a tiny version of the font used everywhere else.

  • @Raox I really like moonshiner font, not sure if it fits the zombie horror theme but it looks amazing

  • The only instant right-click action I expect from a large UI element is a context menu, especially if it coexists with instant left-click action elements. People are going to end up buying shit while messing with their mouse button or when coming back from an alt-tab to focus the game.

  • Is double click better then?

  • I’d just add a right-click DMenu. I can’t see how it could confuse or surprise anyone and using it wouldn’t be much slower than the alternatives. Plus you could add a bunch of power user options for the three people that would bother with them. Implementation-wise, you’re calling DermaMenu and assigning a few functions so it’s easy to extend in case anyone has some kind of a bright idea. I’m thinking something like:

    • Item name

    • Buy (100 pts)
    • Buy ammunition (8 pts) [for weapons]
    • Buy maximum ammo (4x8 pts = 32 pts) [for weapons]
    • Buy maximum (4x8 pts = 32 pts) [for ammo]

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