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[ZS] Quality of Life updates for the Resupply and Arsenal trinkets

  • The trinkets work fine as is but there are a few things that are annoying/clunky to work with.

    First of all, the box/crate on your back is affected by transparency radius, which means for people that play with high transparency radius will not see the whereabouts of a box/crate on people’s back, in addition to the text appearing when you even become slightly transparent. An option in the F1 options menu to toggle it on/off could be a solution or just making it entirely unaffected by transparency radius.

    Second, the fact that the Arsenal Crate menu opens when you press E on someone with the trinket, which can sometimes happen at the worst of times (sigil teleportation, trying to pick up an item, etc.) It already has the old F2 key, so why does it also open with E?

    Also, Resupply trinket users can’t use their own resupply? I don’t if this is intended, but if arsenal users can use their own arsenal trinket, then why can resupply users not?

    EDIT: Another cool feature could be integration with Buyer’s Insight, allowing people with the skill to see people with the Arsenal Pack

    • Added an option to hide resupply and arsenal packs in proximity, allowing you to leave them visible at all times if you wish.
    • Arsenal/resup packs are fully 100% invisible if desired.
    • Disabled pressing use on arsenal packs, you can press F2.
    • Arsenal packs now work with Buyer’s Insight.
    • Pressing use with a resupply pack held in your hand will allow you to use it.