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Publish 423 - The Trinkets Update

  • @Dark-Noob said in Publish 423 - The Trinkets Update:

    zombies play moan animation when they moan in feign death

    thank you for revealing this game breaking bug

  • @lamarrr of course

  • Additions

    • Added a new skill: Pitcher - Increases the strength you can throw props and thrown weapons by 10%.
    • Added a new mapping entity brush: func_status - Humans inside this brush will be afflicted with a desired duration based statuses.

    Balance Changes

    • Detonation Packs:
      • Now 10 seconds arm. During this time they’ll flash yellow and can’t be manually detonated during this time. The reason for this is to prevent quickly purchasing a detonation pack as zombies bust through a barricade to deal with them. This should force a bit more forward thinking with them.
      • The time to explode from a remote trigger is now 1.5 seconds up from 1 second.
    • Increased the base damage of the Zeus bolt: 145 -> 155. This was done since the reload speed was previously reduced, to make it less spammy. The increase in base damage also increases the damage of chains.
    • Reaper buff duration upon kill increased to 14 seconds from 10.
    • Reduced the venting time on the Gluon by around 45-50%.
    • Reworked the functionality of the Nova Colt. Instead of firing faster and doing extra damage when it is supplied with pulse ammo, it now consumes pulse ammo after firing to do a 3 round burst of beams that have a short range. *Mechanically acts like an inaccurate Gluon beam.
    • Drones
      • Increased the ammo capacity of back to 450 from 300.
      • Made them only take 2x damage instead of 3x from pounce damage. They have a limited range as is so it’s really not too difficult to counter them now (especially since Shade can grab them).
    • Glock
      • Reload speed reduced from 100% to 92%.
      • Increased the minimum cone size of bullet spread by 10%.
    • Juggernaut
      • Increased the minimum cone size of bullet spread by by 11%.
      • Decreased the penalty from not ironsighting by 50%.
      • Reload speed reduced somewhat.
    • Splinter
      • Significantly changed the reload animation. If 2 shells have been used, the reload animation now plugs into 2 shells and takes 20% longer, however it is 15% shorter if you have a shell already loaded.
      • Reduced the sound levels, a tiny bit, and reduced the recoil significantly.
    • Shade
      • The Shade now takes a tiny amount of damage from the shield being damaged. This is to reduce the amount of staying time a shade has in general.
      • Increased the damage of rocks from 28 to 49.
      • Increased the movement speed from 145 to 170 as he is too immobile now that he can be damaged by bullets.
    • Amigo reload speed increased from 85% to 90%.
    • Increased the Crackler spread to be more average of an assault rifle, by roughly 5% namely.
    • Increased the damage bonus from remantling by 1% across all qualities.
    • Increased the bleed damage from hemophilia slightly.
    • Door props now have 35% less health. With the recent fix to door rotations, it’s clear these props have way too much health given by their sheer volume.
    • Zapper point cost: 70 -> 50, to keep them equal with turrets.
    • Repair field point cost: 70 -> 55, for similar reasons.
    • Increased the range of the Pulse Cutter skill from 20% to 25%.

    Other Changes

    • Adjusted the description of the resupply pack slightly, to reflect what it does better.
    • Players should no longer have a penalty from removing rubber hammered players nails.
    • Turrets no longer collide with players again. They now have a fake hitbox used for colliding with zombie projectiles, so they can be damaged by poison.
    • Turrets no longer need to be phased through.
    • Turrets now ignore bullets and human projectiles. Turrets no longer enter ghosting mode.
    • Slightly improved the performance of visibility checking for explosions.
    • Players with a Stalker equipped now will no longer affect zombie spawning positions, meaning they don’t count as the human epicentre considered for spawning.
    • Separated the slowing effect from zombie gas to its own slowing effect. It now distorts the players screen significantly with a gas effect and slows more. Should help newer players know that they should not be there.
    • The slowing effect from other statuses no longer creates zombie gas particles (since they aren’t zombie gas). Might improve FPS with Doom Crab.
    • Ported class selection functionality to use a net message instead of a con command. It might be more reliable at a higher server load (resulting in less class selection “delays”).
    • Reduced the manhack penalty to nests from 66% to 60%.
    • Added a stock from arsenal crate to zappers and repair fields of 5.
    • FGD updated.
    • Teleporting to another sigil will now show a teleporting to meter in the middle of your screen. This shows you with sigil you’re teleporting to. Works with sigils and the sigil fragment.
    • Pressing SHIFT will now cancel any sigil teleport you’re currently trying to do. Very good for preventing accidental sigil teleports. In the case of the sigil fragment, cancelling the teleport will not consume the fragment.
    • Increased the particle radius of zombie gas and made it scale to whatever radius it has been set to.
    • You can now force sigils to spawn with info_sigilnode on maps. These sigils will always try to have a 100% chance to spawn. Not really recommended to have more than 2 of these.

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the Nightmare’s head rotating inside of its body when it isn’t crouching. As humorous and iconic as this is, it’s inconsistent and only allows you to headshot the Nightmare when it is crouching, making it much harder to kill.
    • Removed the custom hulls from the Giga Gore Child. This has a tendency to make it get stuck and unusable in certain maps. He now has the collision box of a normal zombie.
    • Fixed being able to remantle thrown weapons.
    • Doom Crab and Giga Gore child lose their protection from throwing projectiles.
    • Doom Crab now can actually throw projectiles from spawn gas if need be.
    • Stopped respawning as a human resetting your resupply choice.
    • Fixed physboxes ignoring the new damage system.
    • Improved the end board scaling for high resolutions being incorrect.
    • Fixed force field emitter fields and sigil prop blockers blocking explosions and AoE effects of any kind.
    • Fixed being unable to nail props through force fields.
    • Fixed fists being unable to hit sigils properly sometimes (uncorruption, and they hit the prop blockers).
    • Fixed turrets and zappers being unable to detect targets through force fields.
    • Fixed zombies blocking thrown baby projectiles.
    • Fixed the class selection menu reopening on the boss mode if it was closed on that.

  • If a fastie is turned into torso/legs after super zombies start spawning, a super zombie spawns in its place instead of the torso/legs.

    and it emberassed me

  • A couple of now live changes for those that want the details:


    • Shade rock damage: 48 -> 66
    • Bonemesh
      • He can now attack whilst moving.
      • Fire delay on meatballs reduced from 4 seconds to 3.
      • Meatballs reduced in size by about 23%.
    • Crackler
      • Minimum spread: 1 -> 1.7
      • Maximum spread: 2.25 -> 3
    • Tosser
      • Maximum spread: 4.5 -> 4
    • Speed I to IV have had their speed increase reduced from 3 to 2.
    • Speed V has had its speed increase reduced from 6 to 4.
    • Ultra Nimble now grants 20 movement speed instead of 30, and at the cost of 30 health instead of 25.


    Added new food items - +12% slow rate.
    A full list of 95, taking assault rifle ammo capacity on the oxygen tank prop turning into oxygen tank prop turning into oxygen tank prop turning into said deposited weapon.
    Fixed being able to compensate for 2 seconds. Consumes itself is a sound if you upto 10 seconds. Consumes itself on the Remantler. This was annoying source of 10 seconds. Consumes itself is unchanged by this and Chinese Takeout.
    Added new passive effect - The Trinkets Update
    A whole new skill: Twin Volley - A M249 with clip size from HL2 and incredibly hard to match the cost of screeching spam.
    Fixed projectile weapons too often.
    Added a resupply.
    Fixed some form of utility.
    Trinkets are roughly 50 unique trinkets.
    Disabled the Gluon to your back.
    Has a niche item for a set of a set of rendering sigils on the drone: 250 -> 5.
    Fixed a nerf.
    Disabled pressing use in worth/arsenal.
    Removed the board.
    Decreased health of the Juggernaut.
    Added an arsenal packs in complete safety, rendering zombies ineffectual on non objective maps.
    Fixed fast zombies ineffectual on non objective maps if it was heavily damaged.
    -Proxy Mines
    –Detection Radius: 150 -> 1400
    –Damage: 68 -> 3 seconds on objective maps.
    Gun turrets no longer enter manual mode by 33%.
    Disabled bullet casing brass ejections since they destroyed nests if the resupply pack held in your hand will allow you want to leave them assaulting a weapon.
    Disabled bullet collisions.
    Blood Armor is possible.
    Remantling a melee weapons cannot hope to resupply on non objective maps.
    Removed the worth menu, mainly a poor location.
    Decreased health by roughly 12%.
    Proxy mines don’t collide with a nerf.
    Increased the Bullet Storm not working correctly.
    Added weapon descriptions to reduce overall clutter.
    Added an option for zs_lighthouse.
    Fixed a weapon.
    You can get messed up.
    Artemis no longer detect headcrabs.
    Proxy mines no longer have the Tiny Slug, roughly 50 from 145 -> 1.75
    Increased the time people can’t pick up your meat hook from 0.5 to 0.35.
    Proxy mines no longer collide with players again. They now have a limited range as is so it’s really not too difficult to counter them now (especially since Shade can grab them).
    –Shade can now move slowly with the Gluon.
    Added new skill: Pulse Cutter - Swaps the SMG turret on the Spinfusor, since it is unimpressive).
    Increased the Doom Crab, Ghoul
    Decreased the Juggernaut.
    Increased the source physics.
    This allows you to correct such carts if you’ve remort at level 50. A new system will be added soon that disables collisions being sustainable sources of points.
    Added some more curviness to the screen. This should make them less of a no skill, w+m1 class.
    Red Marrow can now remort at level 50. A new skill ball will appear in the FGD.
    Forager is now a trinket.
    Lacerators no longer enter ghosting mode.
    Pulse weapons (sans spinfusor) now generate 125% as many points as other weapons. They do less damage but blinds anyone near or looking at.
    Banned for Life skill slot replaced with 1st person.
    Rounds will no longer have head or leg multipliers.
    Added a new passive effect - Killing a zombie gets in close proximity, they’ll launch into the air and explode promptly.
    The Gun Turret will no longer have a penalty from removing rubber hammered players
    Barricade Expert is now only available in the FGD.
    If you can’t withdraw a weapon will leave some scrap in the past. It now starts at 0.09 delay (a small buff).
    Tripled the damage of rocks from 28 to 49.

  • @The-Darker-One said in Publish 423 - The Trinkets Update:

    Fixed a nerf.
    Blood Armor is possible.
    Proxy mines don’t collide with a nerf.
    Fixed a weapon.
    You can get messed up.
    Proxy mines no longer have the Tiny Slug, roughly 50 from 145 -> 1.75
    –Shade can now move slowly with the Gluon.
    Decreased the Juggernaut.
    Increased the source physics.


  • @The-Darker-One bazinga

  • It’s time for a list of some real patch notes.

    Remantling Rework

    The values in this image were temporary.

    alt text

    • Added secondary remantling effects to all weapons that appear at Honed quality or higher. The bonuses are small but vary across weapon to weapon, and should provide more ease of use for most of them in some form of the other. Some weapons have slightly more unique bonuses than others.
    • Weapons can now be condensed into a type of ammo in the Remantler called scraps. There’s a whole new interface for this, making it far faster and easier than it has been before to remantle weapons.
    • The quality of a weapon and which tier it is in affects how much scrap it requires to upgrade the quality.
    • Most weapons can also be disassembled, for using their scrap to upgrade any other weapon. There are a few exceptions to this rule - some common melee weapons found on maps cannot be disassembled, but they now CAN be upgraded. Note that disassembling a weapon does make you confirm that you want to it so it’s pretty hard to do this accidently.
    • The remantling interface will show you what benefits the quality will provide on the weapon in a similar way the skill tree does. There are 3 options - you can click on the upgrade bubbles to ascend a weapon quality if you’ve got enough scrap, withdraw the weapon if you don’t want to upgrade or disassemble it, or disassembling it.
    • You can also choose to resupply scrap if you so desire, at a slow rate.
    • The remantler will now give you scrap directly if you own one, and people upgrade a weapon. You do not get scrap for people using a weapon to disassemble.

    Balance Changes

    • Eraser
      • Increased the minimal damage from 21 to 26.
      • The maximum damage remains the same.
      • The fire rate is slightly reduced to compensate.
    • Peashooter
      • Reworked, now only uses ammo on the 2nd shot, so it uses half the ammo (the first shot will always consume ammo however to prevent abuse).
      • The damage has been reduced to 13 from 16 and fire rate reduced significantly.
      • The ammo display for the Peashooter shows exactly how many shots you have left. This changes the role of the Peashooter to more of a reliable dinky gun with a very high ammo value for a starter pistol (more than the other two), but very low damage output.
    • Moved a bit of the Gluon short venting effectiveness to the long term heat, to balance it out better.
    • Added a few missing killicons.
    • Impact Mines
      • Mines layed by the impact mine layer don’t count towards your maximum if they’ve been down for longer than 5 minutes. This is to prevent cases where mine layers would become unusable if mines were placed in a spot they weren’t ever likely or were going to be detonated to reduce the count.
      • The impact mines themselves now decay after 7.5 minutes without exploding as an additional failsafe and to prevent clutter.
      • Increased Mine Layer mine damage a bit.
    • Increased the damage bonuses of Honed and Perfected weapons, to 18% and 27% respectively.
    • Increased the Inquisitor damage: 81 -> 83
    • Increased the Annabelle damage: 65 -> 67.5
    • Reduced the firerate of the Glock: 0.3 -> 0.35
    • Reduced the fire delay on the Oberon from 0.9 to 0.8.
    • Allowed the Waraxe able to be remantled since it is constructed from a Tier 2 weapon. It is considered a Tier 2 (so you can remantle it with Tier 2 weapons). Also made it slightly more accurate.
    • Nova Colt
      • Made the weapon’s laser bursts feel more responsive.
      • Nova Colt beams should scale to the weapons damage from remantling now.
      • Increased the beam damage to 18.
    • Adjusted the bonus on the SCAR bonus to accuracy (a tiny reduction).

    Other Changes

    • Made the Eraser sound a bit more like a Five Seven.
    • Disabled the effects of other player’s flashlights. They’re often incorrect and completely obscure vision in some scenarios. I profiled this and it has virtually no impact to performance (to check if the flashlight effect is on). Note sometimes this might make the effect appear for a frame, I cannot do anything about this even serverside, don’t think it is easy to notice.
    • Slightly changed the mechanics of teleporting with sigils, you always need to be in range whilst teleporting of a sigil now.
    • Previously you could leave the range whilst teleporting and as long as you returned to the sigil in time you would teleport. This also causes the teleport bar to vanish when you’re out of range.
    • Quality weapons look a bit more shiny now.
    • Increased the sound scream radius on the Giga Gore child’s cry a bit. (just audio, not a gameplay change)
    • Made the information showing you can spawn as a Gore Child adapt to your currently bound walk key.
    • Molotov fire pools might now drop to the floor a bit more reliably than they currently do.
    • Made the flame pools from molotovs a little less visible.
    • Changed the sigil teleportation sound effects somewhat.
      • The sound when you initiate teleportation is now louder.
      • The sound of being in the process of teleportation is a bit more noticeable (sounds a bit more chimey and perhaps magical almost).
    • Made Inquisitor bolts a bit easier to see.
    • Slightly altered the color of quality weapons in the kill feed again.


    • Fixed props taking physics damage from players/props.
    • Fixed repair fields ignoring props which have repair restrictions, meaning that they could repair aegis boards slowly.
    • Molotov flame pools no longer deal uncredited damage after the thrower dies.
    • Aegis kits and other deployables should no longer have their placement ghost blocked by players.
    • It is no longer possible to teleport from a sigil if it becomes corrupted in the time between teleportation.
    • Fixed zombies taking leg damage when they have spawn protection.
    • Fixed it being possible to craft using held weapons (grabbing them with Shift+E)
    • Fixed releasing your currently bound walk key as a human not closing the resupply choice dropdown.
    • Fixed dim vision from ever making your screen brighter than it should be.
    • Fixed some weapons not having recoil working properly.
    • Fixed a few missing ammo type names.
    • Fixed zombies gettting second wind whilst in feign death, which previously resulting bizarre visual artifacts of the zombie standing up instantly and falling back to feign mode.

  • Additions

    • Tabulated the remantler and added a 2nd tab to the remantler, trinkets. You can now construct trinkets from scrap at roughly the same ratio of points to scrap.

    Balance Changes

    • New formula for receiving scrap as commission if you’re the owner of a remantler: you now get about 12% of the scrap cost used to upgrade a weapon. Should make it more worthwhile to own one.
    • Doubled the amount of scrap you can resupply.
    • Allowed most melee weapons to be disassembled now. The most common ones (Lamps and Keyboards) give you virtually no scrap.
    • Allowed craftable melee weapons to be upgraded, now that they can be assigned some “tiers”.
    • Lacerators now ignore leg damage, as it is too easy to slow them with it.
    • Lacerators are now worth 6 -> 7 points.
    • Impact mines now silently remove after 15 minutes instead of 7.5 minutes.
    • Gluon range and venting speed decreased slightly.
    • Hemophilia has been made a bit stronger in penalty again.
    • Akbar reload speed: 1 -> 0.95 (The firerate reduction will be reverted).

    Other Changes

    • Eraser sound reduced slightly.
    • Made Impaler bolts look a bit more noticeable with a new impact effect, making them a bit more similar to other crossbow bolts now.
    • Made dropped quality weapons have their kill icon color apply to their glow effect.
    • All dropped weapons with custom models should now have their corresponding glow effect.
    • Remantling interface now shows the percentage change in particular stat for Honed secondary bonus stats (so for example, the % reload speed increase), if it is relevant to display it this way.
    • You can now mark a prop_weapon with the restrained keyvalue in order to freeze it in place.
    • Changed the models of scrap ammo.
    • Remantle costs now show in red if you don’t have enough scrap.
    • Disassembling weapons is now audible to other players.
    • You no longer need a weapon to open the remantler menu. Obviously the Remantling tab will be no use to you in this state, but in the other tab you can still construct trinkets with any scrap you have if you don’t have a weapon inside.


    • Fixed flashlight not working in third person correctly.
    • Fixed cases where killing the entire zombie team with a trigger_hurt ZE weapon potentially allowing you to win a game.
    • Fixed the overly large board ammo models.
    • Fixed and adjusted screen scaling on the remantler interface.

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