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The Struggle of the disabled

  • This has been very hard for me and i feel like i have to share this with the world. At the young age of 12 i was diagnosed with a disability that will forever be with me. My doctor who went by the name of Scott told me i would permanetly never be able to hear. I was totally deaf, i couldnt talk to my friends or anything. All i can hear is a constant high pitched ringing in my ears. To cope with the disability i have been getting really really high which makes me so nauseous that my eyes are constantly moving and wont stop even after a day it wouldnt go away. I eventually had to go to the hospital to be treated. I was told i got a rare conflict of getting high i am permanetly rolling my eyes uncontrollably. Because of not being to see where i am going properly i fell off a hill and ended up fracturing my leg which made me move very slowly to the point where im barely moving for the rest of my life.

  • You’ll stop getting muted and banned when you stop acting like a TV show teenager.