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Red Marrow

  • I feel Red Marrow is a boss with no strategy required. He can just spam hit a cade and he gets 9 invulnerable shields throughout his life. Instead, can we reduce the number of shields he gets to say 3 - each 600 health - and instead last a little longer? This way, Red Marrow players are forced to play more wisely as they’ll take big health losses if they just sit in front of a cade and hit it. Just my two cents.

  • It’s an inherent problem with the role more so than the boss. The Red Marrow is supposed to be a big siege boss that helps defend the other zombies attacking the cade and making himself a big target; apart from getting close and personal with the cade, there aren’t many ways he can exercise that role.

    Giving it a longer shield and less health isn’t really going to change that.

  • Have you seen him post nerf? He’s only doing 15(?) damage while his shield is up now. It’s a pretty significant nerf to him.

  • Problem I have Matt is he shields other zombies from bullets, right? I had set up multiple door cade once and 2 red marrows went first along with some zombies and destroyed it… Absolutely nothing we could do. That’s the issue I have with having so many shields on red marrow. It’s not so much the threat from just him, more the fact he shields other zombies. Kind of like how Shade used to.