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[ZS] Future of Crafting

  • Now that the remantler has been implemented, it’s probably time to look at crafts and way they lie and are sort of obsolete.

    Right now I’m a little torn what to do on the Waraxe. It don’t think it will remain in the current form, if it remains at all, since crafting 2 battleaxes can be done inside a remantler. It could be a different recipe and receive balance changes if need be.

    Crafting weapons is also sort of awkward practice, which while it has been recently improved, could potentially be part of a previously discussed inventory system which also makes use of a remantler. Possibly you’d hold parts such as a sawblade in your inventory or something. I’m fairly open for ideas on direction of this, but the crafting mechanics are sort of a bit clunky as of now they could refined into a simple, singular system. Looking for suggestions on this.

  • I think I understand what you are trying to say. If what you’re implying is to use the remantler as the main source of weapon crafting, on top of how the ramantler works now, that would definitely make it more useful. Though, that would be annoying. I still like the concept of crafting, though, and maybe even an inventory, though players hoarding spare items/weapons could be a problem.

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  • Is it really more annoying than the whole alt clicking item system is?

  • @Raox Yes it is. Pressing alt is much easier. Using a remantler for crafting would require a remantler, and then a player to search it out. The time investment and effort required to use the remantler is higher than using the “alt-system.”

  • I think the control scheme is more awkward but the fact you can’t carry weapons in an inventory does limit it right now.

  • @Raox I was thinking there could be a number in the weapon selection menu identifying how many copies of the weapon you have. So, if you pickup another Battleaxe you have a 2 in the bottom corner or something. What do you mean by control scheme?