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Unban appeal

  • Hey there,

    I haven’t touched gmod in a while and felt like playing some ZS again and there weren’t many servers that i know of that are actually good except this one.
    Reason i was banned was because Jetboom banned all darkergaming staff a long time ago, i can’t remember exactly when.
    Well thing is i just got admin on that server randomly by playing on it and i stopped playing there years ago, I’m also not staff there anymore since then, so getting unbanned would be nice.

    Name: Muppburg
    Steamid: STEAM_0:0:35402477

  • Banning people for being in steam groups we don’t like

    lmao what

  • All darkergaming bans are in reaction to the creator of darkergaming literally copying their everything from NoXiousnet, including their Diamond Silver membership level. (which pissed jet off pretty bad)

    I’m not even sure if jetboom will extend Draconian Court challenges to the people hit by DarkerGaming bans. Edit: Looks like former DarkerGaming staff can get unbanned.

    Bans created in either 2013. Why ask now?

  • Well, nevermind then.

  • @commandhat
    I forgot to post this but, rui_troia who was also part of that mass ban, was unbanned by JetBoom himself.