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[ZS] Helios Gluon Gun Buff/Changes

  • As it stands, the gluon gun has completely fallen out of favour with the recent change to it’s mechanics. The old gluon may have been ridiculous but the new one is very seldomly bought.

    Since the nerf and not including the first day or two after (where people will buy it to see how it works) I have seen the gluon purchased 3 times. Two of those purchases were by people buying it for the first time post-nerf and one was someone giving it another try. Meanwhile, every other t5 has been purchased 10+ times in the same timeframe.

    I was given some rough numbers on the current heat mechanic. 7 seconds of full firing, and 8 seconds to cooldown completely. Obviously this won’t be how you fire all the time but for the sake of argument, we’ll use those numbers. This gives the gluon 46% firing uptime. The dps of the gluon is 280 and the sustained dps is a mere 130.

    For comparison, the adonis has a dps of 150 (I estimate sustained around 100 due to very quick reloads) but the ammo efficiency of it is 37.5 per bullet compared to gluon’s 17. You are sacrificing 2.2x ammo efficiency for moderately better burst dps, and slightly better sustained dps.

    Scar: 270 dps. Slightly lower than gluon, but much more ammo efficient and presumably better sustained (I don’t have figures for reload)

    Even bulletstorm, a tier 4 weapon mostly designed for dps, has 240 dps and 1.33x the ammo efficiency of gluon when purchasing from an arsenal crate.

    Shorthand burst dps:
    Gluon 280
    Adonis 150
    Scar 270
    Bulletstorm 240

    Obviously, gluon is not performing it’s role as effectively as it should considering how specialized it is.

    Some Suggestions for changes:

    Increase the damage of the gluon from 17–>19, increasing burst dps to 316, and sustained to 145. This would make gluon a clear winner in the burst dps category without making it too ammo efficient.

    Make cooling down the gluon work with quick reload. This would bring cooldown from 8 to 6 seconds for someone with maxed reload perks, increasing sustained dps to 150.

    Make the gluon cooldown when the weapon is not in use. This would let you repair, melee or shoot another gun without much dps loss provided you don’t have a lot of long term heat. It would also FINALLY give use to the quick draw skill.

    I could simply add more “increase max heat, decrease cooldown time” and all that but the point stands.


    Gluon dps is barely better than adonis and is much harder on ammo.

    Also, ender shotgun needs a buff.

  • I agree the ender needs a buff

  • Maybe make this a whole general weapon balance thread if we’re going to talk about the Gluon and the Ender? IDK. They’re very different tiers.

    Using the Gluon a bit makes me think the damage output and ammo eff is probably okay to leave? Maybe tune it up by 0.5 damage. The thing I’ll probably address with it is the actual cooldown time being too long, maybe reduce it by 30-40% from max. I need to be careful about how I buff it though, use the same methodology I applied to the drone in general.

    Ender could do with perhaps a whole reimagining from the automatic shotgun theme since the Jackhammer was added. I was thinking maybe, as zany as it sounds, a “buckshot” rifle or something, some hybrid between an assault rifle and shotgun that uses ammo at half the rate, after all it uses an assault rifle model. 16 clip size and a damage profile to match. Or maybe just buff it and give it a 3 round burst of shots or something to give it a bit of a unique quirk.

  • @Raox For the ender like a mixture between a shotgun and tiny slug?

  • If I were to go with a “buckshot” /“slug” rifle:

    39-42 damage total (all pellets, or maybe make it a slug rifle itself).
    0.22-0.25 delay maybe.
    3.25 - 4 min cone, 5 - 6 max.
    12-14 clip size.
    0.5 buckshot ammo per shot.

    That gives you using rough numbers:

    170 burst/120 sustain roughly
    820 damage per resupply, decent for the tier.
    With more accuracy, pretty much on par with the Sweeper.

    Compared to the Ender now:

    170 burst/96 sustain
    700 damage per resupply.

  • I personally think the Ender just needs better accuracy but Raox’s idea is good too.