[ZS] Nail Lock

  • What I’ve witnessed playing is that a bunch of players/idiots would nail down props which were already nailed down by a cader, causing issues that would harm the entire cade itself and disrupting the cader as he has to persistently remove the nails that other players put down.

    A skill point or addition to barricade expert where other players can’t place nails into a prop which was nailed FIRST by the person who has the perk.

    Plus side

    • You control how many nails goes into your cade without the constant barrage of players nailing down your props

    Down side

    • Other players can’t help the health of your cade, which means all cade HP would be derived from your nail count.

  • too many cook in kitchen

  • if anything just make it so you aren’t penalized for removing nails people put in your props

    your suggestion would hurt teamwork and be a pain in the ass

  • I’ve talked about issues like this before recently, I’ve identified some small things (including Nukkun’s suggestion) that can be done.

    1. Remove nail penalty if you’ve got the first nail in a prop.
    2. Making removing nails which aren’t the last in a prop MUCH faster, like 50-75% reduced time.

    Restricting players from adding nails would compromise teamwork, so no that’s not a good idea.

  • @Raox That would be a better suggestion, I was thinking of the nail removal being a lot quicker but I was scared that you could accidently unnail the cade for going too fast with it, but if it can happen with relative speed then I’m all for that.

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