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Noxiousnet Car Crash Survival [Pro's Never Die]

  • Yesterday Morning while driving to College at 8:00 AM I go into a Head on Collusion. The road that I was going on was basically going down a straight road on which I had my right of way not to stop because of no stop signs. A lady then entered my road that came from a different street on which she did have a stop sign on her side. She did stop for the sign, But the thing is she didn’t enter her lane when she was going on the same road that I was driving down to and instead of entering her lane she entered my lane and was driving the opposite side of traffic. I tried to avoid her when she was coming towards me but dumb Mexican field worker bitch went back to her lane when it was too late to do so. After the Crash I got out my car and said [Sharkey Amyeda] Fucken screaming like a fucken lunatic on wtf happened. She then said she didn’t see me even tho I had my Wisp Light’s on honked at her. But after that am thankful that am still alive and just wanted to share you guys my life story to you guys to read and have a good laugh.

    #Can’t kill a ZS PRO LEGEND
    #1993 Honda’s MASTER RACE
    #Blood Armor Saved my life. Thanks Jetboom
    #Am really dead
    #Field Workers these days
    #Sharkey amyeda

    alt text

    alt text Other Car got rekted

    alt text Less Damage [Zombine Master Race]

  • You were protected by As the Night Grows’ zombie ghost.

  • Glad to see you made it with at least one finger.

  • wow you got owned

  • Gee Thanks. But the other car isn’t a car anymore :king:.

    My car still works some how like it turn’s on and everything. It’s just the tire spring that doesn’t make the one wheel move, all other 3 tire’s are fine. :evergreen_tree:

  • You fucked the other car, God damn.

  • alt text

    I hydroplaned into a traffic barrier.

  • @Jacky You can’t drift in that. But at least your car still works. :red_car:

  • @Jacky Oh… Didn’t know it was that bad upclose. But how doesn’t the engine not work when there was no physical damage from the inside?

  • @KILLER-M4 Honestly, the repairs that are needed to fix that car are just too high in comparison to its actual value. I can’t really do anything about it man.

  • Those cooling system repairs will get you. It looks like the quarter panel crushed the radiator on one side, although it is hard to tell and I might be mistaken. Any actual frame damage will permanently damage the car.

  • I can’t believe you are making terrible jokes yourself in a situation where you could’ve easily died

    Glad you’re fine though

  • @Sam-Za-Nemesis I understand the fact and the situation where you come from and where I could of easily been killed from the accident, but from the fact that am still alive am thankful for that. But from what I believe in, You can’t always keep your mind in a negative state of mind for something that happened as for it was in the past. In my opinion death really doesn’t bother me, If it happens it happens simple as that. As for the jokes, This is Noxiousnet when isn’t a joke not tossed around as for you should already know how people work on here.

    But thanks!


  • @Jacky We can have GT4 and Crespo fix our cars with Hammers <mossmanface=grin>. We just have to buy them :hammer:Hammers:hammer: and they will fix our cars. :tools:

    :battery: + :hammer: = :hammer:x2 Repair Rate

  • @KILLER-M4 I’d rather not have my car look like a bunch of furniture nailed together, thanks.

  • @Jacky lmao I was talking about how the Hammer repairs props. The Car is the prop :red_car:

  • @KILLER-M4 I was thinking about those legit minivan cades people sometimes do for fun.

    Oh, and i got a new car