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[ZS] Lacerator

  • Mobile and deadly, the Lacerator will rip and tear anyone who falls within reach of its serrated claws. Their lunge can knock the wind out of you and leave gashes that bleed excessively.

    alt text

    Unlocked on wave 5
    325 health
    6 points
    220 movement speed
    Slow attacks with
    -0.8 second delay
    -2 second cooldown
    -25 damage (15 slashing, 10 bleed)
    Ability to lunge medium distances with
    -3 second cooldown
    -0.75 second delay and recovery before you can attack
    -2 second slow
    -15 bleed
    -30 damage against non-humans

  • Lacerator actually feels like a threat when a high window is breached, unlike a lone fast zombie. It’s a pretty unique zombie and I would love to see it on the live server.

  • The lacerator seemed to help against wave 5 spawncamping by forcing the humans back inside. Overall seemed powerful but not overwhelmingly so.

  • This new zombie

    Is not invisible

    Does not run faster than a crossbow bolt flies

    Can be killed with guns

    Has a meaty healthpool you can actually get points from

    So it’s actually a ZOMBIE! How quaint. +1