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[ZS] Energy Steroid

  • The energy steroid could be an item that temporarily buffs you up, and could be purchasable through the worth menu or arsenal crate. This item could have a simple pill bottle model and share the animations for consuming food items. The stat boosts would include things like 2X speed, 2X melee damage, and reduced damage from zombies.

    And when the drug is in effect, a countdown would be displayed. Just like any other status counters like the ghoul touch or poison GUIs. You could also have some perks involving the item, like ones that make it more effective, or give you it at the start of each game (Preparedness.)

    If you like this idea, please expand upon it…

  • Maybe like:
    Red Pill: 2X Melee Damage or Melee Speed (15-30 second variable)
    Blue Pill: 2X Movement speed (15-30 second variable)

  • retarded idea imho

  • @realbisousbisous said in [ZS] Energy Steroid:

    retarded idea imho


    I can see how people wouldn’t use it on normal zs maps. But it would be really useful for objective maps.

  • Do you really want players running around at double speed from the arsenal crate, with what you’d assume to be a short interval? Sounds ludicrous even at 15 seconds. I’d rather do something more permanent and having a much smaller effect like the old proposed trinkets system. Effectively one such item already exists like a trinket, the oxygen tank.

  • @Raox How would that work? 15% extra speed with (Speed trinket) on

  • Another feature that likely will come are trinkets, a new section in the arsenal crate / worth menu. These are things that grant bonuses but are items so they can be dropped, looted, etc. They usually will cost points. So an example of one might be a 30 point trinket to give you % life leech from melee weapon hits. Maybe one that increases your max health or speed for the round. Again, these are point items so you lose them at the end but unlike skills they don’t have down sides and are more potent.