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Publish 422 and our 10th birthday

  • Only a few more years until there will be people playing on the servers that are actually younger than the servers themselves, if that wasn’t the case already.

  • @JetBoom said in Publish 422 and our 10th birthday:

    Oh and it happened sometime late September but NoXiousNet is now 10 years old. :ok_hand:
    Maybe that means something.

    how i claim aniversary coin? men?

  • When are we going to get our day of retro zs where we play on the shittiest map houses without nails and with zombie kill upgrades only?

  • 10 years of TribesRPG. where did the time go?

  • Additions

    • New Wave 5 Zombie Class - Lacerator - Lacerators inflict bleeding wounds with swipes from their serrated claws.Their staggering pounce attack can slow their victims and make them bleed excessively. (The Darker One)

    Balance Changes

    • Red Marrow: (The Darker One)
      • Reduced melee damage: 27 - > 25,
      • Reduced blood shield duration: 4 -> 3
      • Red Marrow can now attack while blood shield is active.
    • Scar: (The Darker One)
      • Reduced minimum accuracy: 0.9 -> 1.4
      • Reload speed: 1.12 -> 1.0
    • Increased the slow damage on the Oberon from 3.5 -> 9. (The Darker One)
    • Stun Baton worth cost: 45 -> 40. It was the same worth price as an axe, and clearly the price didn’t match for the purpose.
    • Gluon point cost: 220 -> 200. This is to bring it in line with other tier 5 weapons as it no longer needs to be highly priced and so to reflect the overheating changes that it has received.
    • Detonation Packs: Needed changes to prevent them from being sustainable sources of points at high player counts, and to reduce the en masse spam that ensues during cade break ins.
      • Stocks: 10 -> 6
      • Point cost: 40 -> 50

    Other Changes

    • Changed the way the worth menu operates slightly:
      • If you load a cart you don’t have the worth for it won’t let you checkout.
      • Loading a cart you don’t have the worth for will alert you with a sound. Instantly checking out a cart you don’t have the worth for will alert you and not checkout, and instead load it.
      • This allows you to correct such carts if you’ve remorted and currently don’t have enough worth.
    • Added the ability to use held weapons in crafting; left click on the prop you want to use with the weapon you’re holding while holding ALT.
    • Adjusted a few weapon descriptions to match their mechanics. (The Darker One)
    • Added a plethora of new kill icons for most weapons that were missing one. (by Gormaoife and Darker One)
    • Going through an exit door will now briefly flash your screen white as a more clear indication you’ve survived.


    • Fixed melee weapons not having point multipliers work with them. This affected the stun baton only, as it is supposed to gain +25% points from slowing.
    • Fixed medic cloud bombs not having an owner attributed to them. They still intentionally give no points and don’t provide a healed by message, but you can now see healing floaters and it counts to your total healed statistic now.
    • Fixed Knuckle Master stating +200% unarmed strike damage instead of +100%.
    • Fixed becoming a Gore Child not preserving your previously selected class.
    • Fixed being able to damage nailed props which haven’t been nailed as the first prop of something themselves.
    • Fixed item stocks not loading for late joining players.
    • Fixed act commands not working.
    • Fixed an error when headshotting a boss with the Tiny Slug.
    • Fixed walking into an another players flames giving them credit for your future suicides.
    • Fixed spectator zombies being able to take damage from explosive sources.
    • Fixed being able to nail projectiles.
    • Fixed running out of grenades, molotovs and flash bombs not switching your weapon.
    • Fixed missing zombie weapon selection names. (The Darker One)
    • Fixed fog obscuring sigils. (A FarZ clip will stop them from rendering currently).
    • Quasar now increases points like other slowing weapons as it should do. (The Darker One)
    • Shade icon should now be more visible. (The Darker One)

  • Is it necessary to post the changes anymore? The ticker does a good job if you’re writing good descriptions.

  • I’d argue it’s more readable especially because I can categorize it and make it more black box, omitting stuff like small code errors which don’t need to be really added. No harm in making it really. I’m doing it on each push to server now since the update ticker doesn’t reflect the state of the pushed code to server.

  • Posting changes is also easier to give out feedback on the boards

  • @Benjy I like all the changes being in one easy to read list instead of having to read each one individually in the update log.

  • Additions

    • Added a new deployable: Weapon Remantler
      • The weapon remantler is effectively a weapon bank and recycling tool. It can be used to store weapons by pressing E, and pressing E with a weapon which is not the same as the one contained will retrieve it.
      • Any items you store in one are PERSONAL to you. Nobody else can easily access them, even if they own the remantler.
      • You can only store and upgrade damaging bullet and projectile weapons, currently.
      • If you use the remantler with the same type of weapon, and the same quality, with what is currently inside, both weapons will be turned into 1 upgraded variant of a higher quality.
      • Available for 50 worth or 60 points.
      • The higher quality weapons are in the following tiers:
        • Sturdy - +8% damage.
        • Honed - +15% damage.
        • Perfected - +21% damage.
      • Gives 0.25 points (subject to change) if someone uses your remantler to upgrade a weapon.
      • See this thread for more details:
    • Added a new skill: Light Construction
      • -35% deployable health, -25% time to pack deployables.

    Balance Changes

    • Crossbow now benefits from reload speed, but moved the base reload speed to 0.85 (same as the spinfusor, which has the same reload animation).
    • Gluon:
      • Damage: 17 -> 17.5
      • Hull Tracer Size: 4 -> 3 Was slightly too big and hence made it easier to land shots.
      • Gluon time taken to vent roughly decreased by 30% in all cases. The downtime on the Gluon was extremely long for most cases of venting.
    • Ender:
      • Total Damage: 70 -> 76
      • Accuracy cone reduced in size by 25%.
    • Oberon and Hurricane have no stock limit anymore. These weapons don’t contribute in a dangerous way in en masse, so the stock limit doesn’t make sense to keep.
    • Uzi:
      • Damage: 15.75 -> 16.5 - Tier 3 SMGs did significantly more damage than the Uzi, making it lackluster at this tier by that metric.
    • Puke Pus:
      • Provided a bolstered version of the old Ghoul passive to the Puke Pus. It now spews puke on hit and upon death, making it a more dangerous adversary at close range without a barricade.
    • Shadow Lurker
      • Speed: 180 -> 160 - Compared to the other torso classes Shadow Lurkers were extremely fast and very good at returning to a barricade after dying, they’re not really supposed to be barricade destroyers.
      • Hull collision height: 20 -> 22
    • Wraith
      • Speed: 115 -> 135 - Wraiths were generally too slow to be useful to setup ambushes, which is the primary role of the class.

    Other Changes

    • Added future support for multishot/inaccurate projectile weapons with a new projectile weapon base.
    • Removed the velocity inheritance from the Spinfusor.
    • If there’s 3 or more nails remaining in a prop when you unnail a nail, you unnail at twice the speed.
    • You no longer receive a penalty for unnailing anyone’s nails in a prop you’ve nailed first.
    • Flesh Creepers can no longer build nests right on top of uncorrupted sigils.
    • Added a killicon for bleed, poison, burn and sigil fragment.


    • Fixed Blood Armor not counting towards total damage done to humans.
    • Fixed physbox damage not crediting as damage.
    • Fixed projectiles colliding with the anti prop blocking protection around sigils.
    • Fixed/Replaced the missing reload sound on the Mine Layer.

  • I was thinking more having a github pages type implementation on the update page so that it could be formatted this way.

  • This update changes the way prop rotation works and I still need caders to give me feedback on the new prop rotation system. It’s imperative I know if it needs improvements or adjustments, but generally it’s been seen as an improvement.


    • Added Proximity Mines for 30 worth/40 points - These mines when thrown will latch onto a surface and remain inactive for 4 seconds. After 4 seconds, if a zombie gets in close proximity, they’ll launch into the air and explode promptly.
    • Added a new Tier 4 rifle - “Quicksilver” Semi-Automatic Rifle. - A new tier 4 to fill the role of the moved Annabelle (see below)
      • 0.38 fire rate
      • 75 damage
      • 8 clip size.
      • Perfect accuracy when crouched.

    Balance Changes

    • All Tier 2 weapons have been adjusted to be 35 points. There were 2 outliers and they fit the cost of being 35 points.
    • Increased the penalty of Blood Armor from 15 health to 20 health. It was about time. The prevalence and required nature as a skill as it provided huge damage mitigation really required that adjustments were made to make it not so much of an easy choice to take.
    • Annabelle: For the lack of a Tier 2 rifle, the Annabelle was adjusted to fit the bill as it was a very rarely used weapon in Tier 4.
      • Moved to Tier 2.
      • Damage: 90 -> 65
      • Passive ability removed.
    • Stubber:
      • Damage: 50 -> 55 A small damage buff was needed as this was a very lackluster worth weapon for the tier, even if it was a rifle. The damage remains below the value in which would one shot a headcrab.
    • Long Arm: With these new changes, the Long Arm now acts a sort of magnum efficient pistol but with roughly deagle DPS, like holding 2 magnums at once.
      • Damage: 90 -> 119
      • Ammo Usage: 1 -> 2
      • Shots before reload: 5 -> 6
      • Minimum accuracy: 2 -> 1.5
      • Has a new hybrid of the magnum and annabelle passive, splits into 6 shots on hitting a surface which deal a sixth of the damage each (100% of the damage total.)
      • Recoil: 20 -> 5
    • Changed the following resupply value amounts for unification of worth/resupply and cache values:
      • SMG: 32 -> 36
      • Rifle: 7 -> 8
      • Bolts: 8 -> 7
    • All instances of starting with ammo in the worth menu will now give you 2 resupplies for 15 worth, 3 resupplies for 20. This affects pistol, SMG, shotgun and bolt ammo from the worth menu in terms of starting amount.
    • Worth menu ammo purchase for 9 points amounts adjusted in accord with previous changes:
      • SMG: 40 -> 36
      • Impact Mines: 1 -> 2
      • Shotgun: 12 -> 10
      • Bolts: 5 -> 7
    • The point cost of a remantler is now 40 points, like an arsenal or resupply.

    Other Changes

    • REWORKED PROP ROTATION - Prop rotation has been changed so that you now send a DESIRED angle of relative rotation to the server. The way it worked before was that you sent an amount of rotation which made it much harder to control at a higher ping. It should now respond much better, even if there is a delay in rotation, meaning that it’ll be harder to feel like you’re “overshooting” with your rotation at a higher ping. But that’s not all:
      • Added 2 new options that now make sense to implement with the new system - adjust the sensitivity of your prop rotation, and have props snap to either 0, 15, 30 or 45 degrees rotation. Should provide a myriad of control for caders in these new regards.
    • Changed the point bonus on the remantler to a new benefit for the owner:
      • Any player who remantles a weapon will leave some scrap in the remantler for the owner to collect.
      • This scrap can be turned into ammo like a resupply, each scrap is 1/4 of a resupply value. The ammo depends on the held weapon, like a resupply.
      • This overrules pressing E on the remantler.
      • You can now use the remantler on Wave 0, as you don’t gain points from it.
    • New weapon quality damage from remantlers: 8% -> 15% -> 21% TO 8% -> 16% -> 23%, as the amount of weapons spent on Honed and Perfected didn’t fit the reward.
    • Reworked the distorted hitboxes on the normal zombie, the hitbox should be more centered now.:
      • alt text
    • Zappers now provide +25% points for the damage they do like pulse weapons, as they impart a slow on zombies.
    • Changed the floaters from repairing to a new set which are light blue and state the HP you’ve repaired, to better show the difference between regular floaters.
    • The Lacerator now has it’s own proper custom model now.
    • Ammo given by players or picked up on maps will now be more often than not, proportional to the correct resupply value amounts.
    • Holding ALT now shows who you’re giving ammo to, if you’re aiming at someone.


    • Fixed an issue with packing with the remantler.
    • Fixed hopefully all issues where classes state they’re incorrectly locked/unlocked, mostly occuring on objective maps.
    • Fixed child props of carried entities colliding with players.
    • Fixed weapons that are crafting or remantled not automatically switching to them.
    • Fixed ghost entities for the remantler and repair field not being scaled.
    • Fixed assist point floaters not appearing.
    • Fixed remantlers forcing you to phase.
    • Fixed being able to scope with the Crossbow while using Wooism.
    • Fixed being unable to empty the clip of board packs/crafting packs, more than one weapon of their type uses the ammo.
    • Fixed damage numbers not showing on the Lacerator.

    Latest Weapon Stats:

  • @Raox said in Publish 422 and our 10th birthday:

    This update changes the way prop rotation works and I still need caders to give me feedback on the new prop rotation system. It’s imperative I know if it needs improvements or adjustments, but generally it’s been seen as an improvement.

    I’m a very low ping player (averaging 50-60) so I’ll chime in.

    For me personally, I cade/rotate slightly slower than before now that I’ve had time to adjust to the minor delay to rotating. Being able to adjust my rotation speed compensated for this a lot. I don’t use the clamp angles but I assume it’s good for high ping players.

    For my 300 ping friend, he says barricading is actually possible for him now and loves the update. Overall, it’s an improvement for sure.

  • I’m not actually sure where the additional delay is completely arising from, I’m unsure if I’ll be able to track down and completely remove it. It’s good to hear from high ping players that’s helping out. Past few days cades seem to have been of, from my experience, a good quality.

  • It needs to say somewhere what the remantler bonuses are in-game. As far as I’m aware only people watching the change log know of it’s benefits. Maybe when you receive the weapon part of the message has “| +8% damage”.

  • Alright that’s not too bad to do.

  • Added a fire cloud to the molotov. Zombies that stand in the cloud will get ignited and also take some extra burn damage if they remain in it. The cloud lasts 7.2 seconds.

    In CSS fire reduces zombie movespeed by 50%. Would it be possible to add this to ZS? This would make the molotov a useful strategic tool rather than a one-time weapon meant for dealing damage, more on par with the usefulness of the sigil fragment. For the amount spent in the worth or point shop on the molotov, a grenade or detpack can instead be purchased for a greater point return. This would also fix fire materias or fire magicks used on zombie escape maps. :fire:

    The movespeed reduction could be set to a lower level of reduction (e.g. -30%) given the molotov cloud addition.

  • As long as it doesn’t have bad implications I wouldn’t be completely opposed.

    Although the molotov cloud should be doing enough damage by itself that it starts to offer area denial (which no other explosive weapon really does right now), so I’m not too sure about making it slow additionally.

  • How substantial is the extra burn damage for the fire cloud? I recognize that the molotov offers area denial, though I can’t see zombies purposefully avoiding the fire cloud, given that zombie health is relatively unimportant if they’re trying to break a barricade or kill a human, and that molotov fire has dealt very little damage.

  • Right now it’ll do a maximum of 84 damage from the pure cloud if they stand in it the whole time, ignoring any ignites (the flames will also ignite a zombie for 2 seconds). I didn’t want to make it do too much damage because it’s a lingering AOE. I suppose I’ll add a bit of leg damage to the cloud as well then.

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