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Rules regarding nail removal

  • Okay, before I start I just wanna say that I looked everywhere I could think of and I can’t find a single document on this site or on the server describing the server specific rules. So if I’m missing something obvious, well, I tried.

    So I’ve been playing at nights on the server and I’m a solo cader. I go to some corruption point that no one else is guarding and cade it. I’m not the best cader I’m sure, but I’m decent. I work solo because I don’t wanna deal with the “pro caders” who don’t like anyone helping that’s below level 50…

    So one day I’m playing on the server doing my own little thing like I always do and I go out to find more props and come back to find my cade was completely dismantled. Every prop was unnailed. I later find out that it was a regular on your server called GT4Tube. Apparently it’s a policy of his that no one else can cade unless they have his approval. He will regularly make passes around the map dismantling cades of anyone that’s not him.

    He’s not doing it to take props, he’s not redoing it himself afterwards, I asked him. He just doesn’t want anyone else making barricades.

    Of course, other well known caders on your server gets a pass, but anyone new will get their cades removed without a word.

  • @DarkD GT4 is our certified NoXiousNet Barricade Inspector, he’s got special privileges to inspect the quality of any and all barricades on the server. If found wanting he reserves the right to dismantle them, then accurately and clearly inform you of your mistake(s).

  • Depending on how good you caded and if things happened exactly like you described that would probably earn him a rubber hammer from me if I was there.

  • Banned

    DarkD there is no stopping elitism, at best you will only pour more fuel to the flames. Believe me, I have tried. ZS regulars are the worst kind of cancer there is at the moment, and there is no chemo available.

  • @Kolmio said in Rules regarding nail removal:

    muh barrel tower