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[ZS] Clumsy and Wide Load Reworks

  • Banned for Life got reworked into a healthy skill option and I’d like to see Clumsy and Wide Load enjoy the same success.

    Taking clumsy means: You can never get hit outside, and you can never get hit by Tickle Monster, for 20 worth. Hemophelia is neither of these things, for just 5 less worth.

    Surely the sole reason Wide Load still exists is so nostalgic players can see what ZS used to be like, if only for one wave, since after that the boss will spawn and make quick work of them. Of course, if you take this skill, you may guess which sigil is going to be the main cade and sit on it. But wait, its a multilayer cade. And the resupply box is just outside the sigil layer. What a shame.

    Wide load rework: Cannot teleport between sigils

    Clumsy rework: Becomes “Timid:” You move slower as the fearometer increases. Makes being outside exponentially hazardous, same as the current clumsy, but removes the autism of being unable to defend yourself against a single zombie you didn’t see right away.

  • Wide Load doesn’t really work as well as it could under the existence of sigils. Limiting players from using sigils completely is probably not good I think. I’m of the opinion that it should be two delays: A delay for initiating phasing through barricades and a much longer delay teleportation.

    I actually think Clumsy is fine as it is. It’s punishing, but rewards you accordingly with extra points and worth. You can quite easily recover from it if you’re smart about knowing where your allies are, but it doesn’t give you a chance solo.

    Also note that a common option taken to mitigate Hemophilia doesn’t work anymore, so we’ll see how that goes when it goes live. Hemophilia shouldn’t be so strong after that, and it’ll match the worth and point rewards.

  • For Wide Load, either make it so the player’s input of undo/+zoom is ignored or add in a weight system which would lower their phasing/teleport speed based on how many items/ammo they have stored.

  • I think if you started ghosting with wide load then your speed should be limited to 1 for the first few seconds.

    Clumsy is fine. If you changed it then it’d be a guaranteed plus while behind a barricade.